Travel Aggravations...

Ugh, I forgot how aggravating traveling is. Buying all my train/plane tickets for London and back to Bamberg is HELL! And I think I messed up, so I'm going to the Hauptbahnhof (Main Train Station) to get the time changed on my ticket so I get to Kat's Friday night instead of Saturday morning...that's much less stressful and I'll have more time to relax. Kat is really such a sweetheart. I bought my tickets to London from Frankfurt because RyanAir only flies from there or Berlin (damn, I should have gotten the tickets from Berlin instead, stupid...I know the airport here...) and not Nuremberg (which is closest to Kat's).

So I'm taking the train (hopefully on Friday night) to Bamberg to drop off my big luggage with Kat until I come back. Then Saturday around noon I take the train to Frankfurt Main, then another to Frankfurt Hahn (the tiny airport an hour outside the city of Frankfurt). From there I leave around dinner time to go to London and arrive an hour later (but according to local times, only 30 minutes later! haha). Oh, Denise, that means I arrive at Stansted at 18:40. Just so you know. Then I spend a few lovely days with my Denise and Melissa around London with a day stop in Cork, Ireland (we're going to see the Blarney Stone!). Then we fly back to Frankfurt on June 4th and I stay with Kat until June 17th, when I have to take another train to Berlin to fly out to Israel! Yay! And I do believe it's a direct flight, so no hassle for that! *sigh*

And I'm going to ask Eran (the Israeli in my class) where his restaurants in Tel Aviv are and stop by and see him! That would be super! He has three restaurants and I'd very much like to see what they're like! He's here in Germany to open another restaurant in Berlin, and I think he may have a few others around the world! Sheesh! haha.

So, for everyone, those are my severely complicated travel plans for the next 2.5 weeks! haha. *dies*

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