Computer Troubles Abroad

So indeed, something happened to my computer that has destroyed my ability to use internet, music, and a few other basic functions. This means no pictures until I get my computer fixed (where yet, I'm not sure...I have a 10 page list of places I could take it...) and view posts. Darn.

Stuart's visit to Berlin was quite nice. We had an enjoyable time walking around and Stuart found Berlin to be even more enjoyable than Madrid, which made me quite happy, because I didn't very much care for Madrid. There is a Stanley Kubrick film festival in Berlin this month and he's one of Stuart's favorite directors,screen writers of all time, so we went last night to see them play 2001: A Space Odysee at the Kino Babylon! It was really nice. And it was in English! haha.

Man the keyboards are different here and the "z" and "y" are switched. haha. But I already knew this from using Kat's keyboard before...haha.

I realized something a little sad last night. At the end of this week, I only have two weeks left of classes here. I've only known these other students for barely two weeks and we're all so close already and are thoroughly enjoying each other's company. But we've all exchanged emails and everything, so I hope we all stay in contact.

But now it's almost time for class and I must go!!!!!! More updates to come, but slowly and they shall be boring...

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T said...

you could bring your laptop to our store in Friedrichsstr. 50 (it's called Cyberport) - that's close to Checkpoint Charly ... I wont be there since Im sitting in the call center in Dresden but the people there tend to be customer friendly and will quickly help you fix your machine ...