Finally! Photos!

Ok, so I can finally put up photos from Germany! Yay! Only a few because I'd like to try to get to bed early tonight. I went to a delicious Vietnamese restaurant with Tanya (Russian) before going to the play with her. It was a good play, though I'm glad I read the plot line before I saw it, or else I think I would have been a little lost and would have completely missed the point of it. haha. But I understood a good amount of the German, which made me happy! Yay! Ok, so, I go to the photos now...

Ok, so the first pictures of Germany I have are of Potsdamer Platz, the "New Middle" of Berlin. So named because it was utterly destroyed in WWII and during the Soviet rule and the entire East side (I'm pretty sure it's the east side) was flattened and rebuilt by the Italian architect Piano.

Yay! Potsdamer UBahn Station!

Some of Piano's work. It's pretty crazy looking. Super thin!

More skyscrapers. In German, the word is "high house" for just a super tall building and "cloud scratcher" for skyscrapers. I was super excited to learn that. lol.

There is still a large section of the Berliner Mauer... haha, hey! It's Francesco! The guy in the black shirt...he's from southern Italy but lives in Roma! Super cool.

This is super awesome. All my archy buddies should be able to guess what this is...or people who've watched "The Mummy" a million times and picked up this bit of trivial information. This is a mirror. It reflects the light into the UBahn Station so they don't need to use lights all the time. Except it doesn't really work...lol. So they have to use lights anyway.

Potsdamer was built on the river. Literally. There are bits of the river all around. It was so cool.

See? Pretty...

Aw, Carles and Tanya!

A Lego giraffe?!?! Yes.... oh! And Michele! He's saying, Hello giraffe.

The Hoppel in Potsdamer! Hoppel is just a dome. It's super pretty and lights up at night, blue and pink.

See? Super pretty.

We ate dinner there too! Yum yum...but expensive...

Aw, most of the group. kk, from left to right: Saulo (Brazil), Claire (France), ME, Nicola (behind me...northern Italy), Bahaous (in front of me...Algeria), Michele (Italy), Carles (Barcelona), and Tanya (Russia).

And this is the Sony Center(way in the back with the weird bridge looking thing...), the best place for movie-going in Berlin.

Well, that's all I'm putting up for now. It's getting late and I wanted to get to bed early tonight. Already broke that. Oh wells. *sigh* ok, sleepy byes...


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Denise said...

Seriously Allison your pictures are awesome but I thought we were going to see "good" pictures...if you have no idea what I am talking about go read the thread again and figure it out....was that cryptic enough...or too cryptic man I suck at being cryptic