No pictures this time, sorry...

I just wanted to quickly update people on my last week of Germany before my last class today. *sob* It's over! I don't want to leave! I've had so much fun here and enjoyed every minute of it (ok, except all the poor traveling experiences). Though I am extremely excited to see my Denise and Melissa and Katharina and Hannes!

I leave Friday night from the Berliner Hauptbahnhof at 6:58pm to head to Bamberg, where I will drop off all my large luggage with Kat and spend the night. Saturday I take a 5 hour train at 10:25am to Frankfurt Main Hauptbahnhof, where I must transfer to an hour bus to get to Frankfurt Hahn Airport. My plane leaves for London at 6:10pm and I arrive in London an hour and 20 minutes later at 6:30pm London time at Stansted Airport. From there, Denise and Melissa cannot pick me up, so I must take ANOTHER bus to Baker St, where they will be waiting for me. Yay! Luckily everyone speaks ENGLISH in England, so I think figuring out the transportation systems will be much less stressful, though. haha.

Then Tuesday (I hope I have the right day, Denise), Denise and I go to Cork, Ireland and see Blarney Castle! woop! Wednesday we head back to Germany for a visit with Kat. We arrive at Bamberg Hauptbahnhof at 2:30am. lol. Then I stay with Kat and her lovely family until June 17th when I'm traveling back to Berlin to catch my plane to ISRAEL!!!!!!!! I'm stoked for Israel.

Though, I think one of my weekend travel plans with a few of the other supervisors has been ruined. I was asking Eran for good places to go and see for brief weekend excursions and I told him a few of us were thinking of going to Ashqelon. He looked at me and said, "Why would you go there?!?!" "Um...they have a good beach?" "They're BOMBING Ashqelon right now!" "Well then, I'm not going to Ashqelon." That really sucks because Ashqelon has some absolutely AMAZING archaeological discoveries that I really hope aren't getting destroyed. But when I checked news on it, it looks like this has been going on for a few months...wait...maybe years. Hmm...I'll have to send out an email to my fellow supervisors about it.

But now I'm running myself a bit late and need to get moving to class. I still have to take a shower and get the last of my laundry in. Or maybe I'll wait until after London to wash all that. Hmm. Ok, once I get settled in in London, I'll have more updates on pictures, etc.

Love you all! Oh, and happy belated Memorial Day! I heard it was a delicious tasty time in Green Lane! Mmmmm....I miss our food already. Yesterday I really wanted Jack Daniels Spicy Chicken from TGI's. lol. Nothing has an extreme amount of flavor here. But we'll see about the real homecooked stuff when I get to Kat's!

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