Sad Day - Happy Day

So last night a few of us said goodbye for good. It was sad. We went to a really nice Italian place that specialized in pizzas (*drools* really good pizzas) and for some people it was their last day. Claire started crying, which of course then got me crying. Luckily I have some time today, so I'm packing super fast (I can always repack when I get to Kat's if it's too hurried), going shopping for two hours or so in AlexanderPlatz, and then I leave for Bamberg. I've made such good friends here and it's been such a beautiful experience. Since I come back in August and Shigeyoshi has his own flat in Berlin and most everyone is fairly close to Berlin, we're thinking of already having a reunion party in August. haha. Shigeyoshi's wife will be over then, too, and also studying at Goethe! That would be awesome to meet her. They were just married in February. Aw, how cute, newly weds. hahaha.

Ok, but I must get to packing! *sigh* and buying a nice gift for my great hosts.

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