Melissa's Birthday Weekend!

Denise and Melissa came up this weekend so the three of us could celebrate Melissa's birthday as our Trinity. :) We did so much stuff: walking tour of Greenwich Village, checked out thrift stores, saw the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, ate some sweet and tasty Brooklyn pie, visited the Sony Wonder Technology Lab, ate at the first pizza place in America, and celebrated for part of the 11-day San Gennaro Festival in Little Italy!

I do not have time now to put up photos on the blog (I'm wasting some time before class, ha), but I will be sure to update soon.


In other news, I am also going to start up a new blog about the delicious dinners my roommates and I have been making. I've been taking pictures. haha. We pretty much just wing it and turn out some uber delicious (and healthy, I might add!) meals. I'll post a link when I actually get around to creating it. haha.

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