Fridays OFF!

One awesome thing about going to a Jewish seminary is that there are no classes on Fridays. Downside - the whole building is closed on Fridays and Saturdays, which means no library and no computer lab. Thank God for the consortium with Columbia and Union so I can use their libraries!

I have some epic amounts of homework to do for one of my classes, the last class I went to: Biblical Texts in the Liturgy. I'm going to have to seriously brush up on my Biblical Hebrew vocabulary. Good thing I brought my flash cards! Smart move, Alli. Oh yea. What's going to make this class so much more difficult is that it's assumed we're all Jewish and therefore already know the parts of the "liturgy". Liturgy is in quotes because it's not really referred to as a liturgy like Christian services are. Luckily, we don't have class for the next two weeks, so I have some time to find something to learn the parts and what they're all about. I could go to synagogue services, but since we're in the High Holy days (the reason why we don't have classes for the next two weeks from Wednesday-Friday), all the services I assume will be special ones the won't follow the typical formula? oooo! I could grab one of the books from the Moadon! Alright, sweet, glad I thought of that. The Moadon is the name of the lounge in our building, named after some important people who donated a significant amount of money. There are a TON of books in there all about various Jewish topics, including service books. Sweet, I'm going to look at those.

Other than my Liturgy class, I don't really have a very difficult list of classes. My Intro to Hebrew Bible class is going to be a lot of busy work, but not difficult at all. It's all stuff I already know how to do so I can do it easily. YAY! My Hebrew grammar class is going to be tough but the work load is super simple. I'm going to learn Hebrew really quickly. The professors all write on the board in Hebrew, all my grammar rules are given in Hebrew, and any reference to the Bible is spoken in Hebrew. It'll be interesting. Pretty much I'm going to know how to say a bunch of things in Hebrew but not know how to say it in English. haha.


My roommates and I made a strange concoction for dinner last night. We wanted to do stuffed peppers with a meat substitute (which ended up being a wheat-soy product) and quinoa instead of rice. However, we realized that we didn't have any whole peppers, but we DID have the equivalent of 3 peppers partially slices. We decided to do a twist to the stuffed peppers and saute up the peppers and mix it with our pepper stuffing. Turned out nothing like stuffed peppers at all, but it was super tasty! Quinoa is very strange, but pretty tasty.

At about the time we started cooking dinner, we saw the sky turn from gray and overcast to positively menacing. I was excited for an impending thunderstorm, and it came raging in! Thunder, lightning, strong winds, and a raging downpour that lasted all of 15 minutes. There was one really HUGE bolt of lightning that must have struck somewhere uptown, maybe even in the Bronx, but it was huge and loud. Immediately after that the sirens started - from every direction. It was like we were surrounded by sirens. It was crazy. They didn't last long, but for about 5 minutes it was deafening. Then I read about the possible tornado that ripped through Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island. Holy crap! Another reason I'm glad I'm on the inland side of NYC!

Last night we also went to Tom's Restaurant for some late night eating. Yea, that's right, the diner that's in Seinfeld! The milkshake was pretty tasty.

So yea, that's my update. Pretty long, but there it is. I've decided to take pictures of the dinners we make, so soon I'll start putting up our meal photos. haha. ok, Let the weekend begin! And hello Yom Kippur!

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