Heading Home

Packing last minute to catch a bus home! Man, I've been doing a lot of updates. There has been nothing planned at all for this week, so my roommates and I are really just kind of not doing too much. A little exploring of the city, but not much. I think I have to ask Rachel if she can print out my ticket for me. I forgot it's Friday, so JTS is going to be closed up. :/ No printing today. I have to be out of this building by 10:30 to make sure I'm there on time! haha. I have 2.5 hours.

Yesterday I got to experience a Rosh Hashanah lunch and then we did this tradition that I can't remember the name, of course. Chalah bread is eaten on this holiday, and then we took the left overs for the sin-washing tradition. Basically there's a little tradition where every time you sin, you're supposed to collect pieces of bread. At the start of the "new year" (a.k.a. Rosh Hashanah, which is literally the Hebrew for "the new year"), you take your collected "sins" and throw them into a moving body of water, allowing the water to "wash away" your sins, and also hope that some water creature will consume the bread, turning a bad thing into a good thing! It was fun. We ran into every Jew in the Morningside Heights area when we did this. haha. We threw the bread into the Hudson, which really smells like the ocean, and I wasn't expecting that so much. We still had a whole loaf of Chalah leftover, so we wandered up and down Broadway to find a homeless person to give it to. We did end up finding someone begging outside a restaurant, and he wished us a happy rosh hashanah when we gave him the bread. Very nice. We all felt warm and fuzzy.

And now I guess I'll get back to packing! A big thanks to my poppa, who is picking me up directly from the bus terminal so I don't have to buy a train ticket! I shall see many people this weekend at a special party for a special couple! ;)

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