2nd Day of Classes

My second day of classes went well. I am LOVING my Intro to the Hebrew Bible, though I'd like to find myself a Tanakh with English translations so I can follow along a little easier. It's going to be a fun class, either way. I wish there was a Hebrew class that was halfway in between the one I'm taking now and the next level. Like, next semester's Hebrew this semester. I'd catch up on the vocabulary, but this is so elementary and I'm zooming ahead because I already know everything he's going over!

I have my Hebrew grammar class again today. We'll see how I did on the homework! The only thing I didn't understand...nuts. Tomorrow I'll have my last class finally: Hebrew Texts in the Liturgy.

Tonight a bunch of us are going to see American Idiot (I'm not too proud). Yay for new friends! This is a musical based on Green Day music. BLECH. But it'll be good times with friends, so I'll suck it up. :)

Alright, time to get ready for a run with Katy.

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