Happy New Year!

Today marks the Jewish New Year, or Rosh Hashanah. One of our friends in the rabbinical school is hosting a potluck lunch and my roommates and I were invited. We were asked to bring apples and drinks. Katy and I have found a nice bonding point: Fall is our favorite season! There is absolutely nothing bad about fall that we can think of. Even the overcast days mean no more glaring sun or deadening heat! The wind is cool while the air stays pretty warm. The rains are refreshing and the colors are beautiful and subdued. It's cool enough to need a jacket or hoodie, but still warm enough that you push the sleeves up.

We walked past the farmers market along Broadway and they had gourds, apples, and cider out. We got so excited. We made plans to make apple dumplings at some point. Anyway, I'm really excited about fall. It's really starting to feel like it. Makes me happy! ^.^

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