The weekend started out nice, but I now i just feel shitty. I woke up Friday with a severely stuffy nose that wouldn't stop dripping, but it bother me too much. I took some non-drowsy Sudafed and decided to just remember to bring a ton of tissues to the cabin. We had a good time once we got there, though it was pretty chilly. Once the cabin warmed up a bit, we played Apples to Apples and Stuart and I had some sake. My face felt so flushed at one point, but Jake said it was probably because of the heat from the oil lamps. After the game, we went outside to look at all the stars, but it was cold out, so we went back in to warm up. But I never warmed up. Everyone was telling me to take my coat off because it was warm, but I was like, Dude I'm freezing. Then I started shaking I was so cold and eventually I started getting cramps and a headache it was so bad. I went upstairs where it was warmer to lay down in one of the beds to warm up. Stuart came up to try to help me warm up. He said I was shaking so bad. I was so cold. I figured I had a fever, so got some water and tried just sleeping it off. It worked - by sun-up I was boiling because the wood stove was still cookin' and the room I was in was the hottest in the cabin.

The next morning the nose cold moved into my throat. boo. But we shot his rifles at some soda bottles (I had some super excellent shots, by the way) and it was Stuart's first time shooting a gun. He damn near became adidicted. lol. We came back and I went to the fancy Multicultural Awareness Group's International Dinner. It was really nice. The food was super delicious. But then I really felt like crap and started coughing. I talked to my momma afterwards because it was seeming like what she had right before Eric and I came back. She said hers turned out to be bronchitus. Great. So I'm skipping my gym class tomorrow and I'm going to health services instead. I took some Nyquil last night to help me fall asleep (at 11) but I woke up 5 hours later and couldn't breath out my nose at all. My throat was real scratchy, too, so breathing in through my nose kept making me cough. I didn't fall back asleep until 5am and then I kept waking up because I couldn't breath. It was horrible!!!

And now I'm talking to Jordan, who said that Susan bitched him out last night because we went to the cabin instead of taking Kat to the airport. We had planned the cabin trip because we wanted Kat to come with us. It wasn't until we'd settled everything that we found out that she was leaving Saturday and not Sunday - just a mistake in talking. Susan apparently got real mad at him, as if we did that because we didn't want to say good bye to Kat or because we hate her or something. Maybe her and Kelley shouldn't have cooped her up in their room and not allowed us to do stuff with them while she was here. The only times I was able to even make plans with her was when we ran into them in the caf - Susan and Kelley wouldn't respond to my IMs and Susan never mentioned any plans they were making when we were in class. Oh wells. For now I'm just gonna worry about getting better and doing some homework in case I miss any classes this week. I don't want to start falling behind.

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