Good News and Bad News

I guess I'll start with the bad news because it happened a few days ago and apparently it didn't really affect me as bad as I thought it would. Or maybe worse because I haven't talked about it. I didn't get in to UPenn either. I called them Monday because I still hadn't heard anything. I had called them last Tuesday and they said letters were just sent out, but I still hadn't received mine. When I called the lady said some letters were sent and some weren't and she'd check to see if mine was sent yet. Unfortunately the system was down and she said she'd email me when it came back up. Very nice of her. Unfortunately she took the liberty of breaking the news to me in the email, too, and said my letter should be arriving in a few days. Psh, whatever. That was my last hope for grad school.

I went to our Career Development Center to look up information about teaching English in other countries. I think it'd be neat to go back to Germany and do that. But really I'd be happy going anywhere...I just sort of know the language of that country already. Though I'm very willing to learn whatever language, so it doesn't matter to me. Of course, there are a few places in the world right now that I'd rather not be just because of current events, doesn't mean that someday I wouldn't like to go there.

I've also been thinking about this New Community Project thing. Every year LEAF invites this guy David Radcliff to come and talk to the campus about environmental and human rights issues - since most times they go hand-in-hand. The New Community Project takes volunteers to bad-off parts of the world and they try to make things a little better for one community, like bringing running water from the stream at the bottom of the mountain to the top of the mountain where the village is using only physics and no electricity. Or bringing sewing machines so a village as a way to bring itself extra income during a drought time. Or figuring out a way to irrigate the fields more effectively while reducing the amount of water used. I wouldn't need to be the person to figure this out, just the person who helps get it done.

I don't know, now that I'm not sure what to do with myself, doing something good for the world first-hand seems like a good idea. I've always been interested in doing this, but I've always been a little scared and used my rigidly-planned-out life as an excuse not to. But I think this time I'm going to do it.

I guess that's it. I've been feeling a little better, health-wise. I don't feel crappy anymore, I just cough, sniffel, and sneeze a lot. It's just annoying now. I've been chugging water, drinking tea, taking tylenol, and taking vitamin C tablets and it seems to be working.

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