My New Haircut! Relay for Life and Hair Donations!

Here they are! The pictures you've all been wanting about my hair cut! Elisha and I were planning on doing it for a while, but then Denise decided 5 minutes before that she would do it too. The following is a montage of how the hour followed...

Here we are being super nervous and clutching our hair protectively.

My "before" pictures. Front...

...and Back.

Trying to laugh off the nerves...

So is Denise...

Well really, we all were...

All the girls who volunteered. I'd guess and say there were about 15 in total?

Denise pretending she's not worried while Elisha and I wring our hands waiting for the stylists to walk our way.

Denise was up first...

Tying it...look how short it's gonna go!


There it is! One down, two to go!


Elisha's turn...*snip*snip*

Aw, good job, Elisha!

"I'll hold your hand, Alli!!!!"

OMG, there it goes!


*snip*snip*snip*snip* "OMG, why is this taking so long??????"

"She's still cutting!!!"


And there it is! Four years of hair growth going to some lucky person's wig! I almost cried, but I restrained myself. I think the only reason I didn't bawl was because I've had short hair before and I know that I liked it.

There we go, the after picture!

Denise didn't tell Melissa she was cutting her hair for this, and when Melissa found out, she freaked! It was really funny...

Then Dr. Knauth was inspired to get her hair cut, too! There was a bit of a problem concerning the amount of gray. But it looks like she hasn't cut her hair in like 10 years because it still had color on the bottom. They don't take hair that's more than 5% gray, but she decided to give it a try.

She looks nervous, too!

And there it is! The shortest her hair has been in like....maybe forever?

Her archy students gave her the biggest applause.

The group shot: all of us (well, actually, I think some people are missing, but that's at least most of us) who donated our hair!

They brought in real stylists just for this next part. They were going to fix our hair to make it look acceptable until we can come in to get it styled the way we want - for FREE! yay! I get a free hair cut out of this!

Yup, still a little shocked about the whole thing.

Denise looks disgusted about it?

She was nipping the hair off in such a way that it kept falling into my face...

The finished product...

It was also free water ice day at Rita's, so Eric and Jordan went and got us all some Rita's, how nice of them! To quote Eric when he saw this picture: "Denise is like aw yea I got Rita's!!!!"

The new hair cut from a different angle...It feels so weird. As soon as she cut it, I turned my head and nearly gave myself whip-lash because I don't need to use as much force to turn my head anymore!!!! hahaha.

Yea Denise, lookin' good!

Hazel came for the event for a little and she brought baby Grayson! What a fat little baby he is! Denise likes to constantly remind him what a fat baby he is. Grayson seems to approve, though. He always smiles.

"But soft, what light through yonder window breaks...."

There were a bunch of games to keep everyone pre-occupied throughout the entire event...because it was 12 hours long. This one is human musical chairs.

Eric was the last chair standing...erm, sitting.

Later there was a scavenger hunt. Here are some pictures as a result of the silly game:

We had to re-enact the bow-scene from Titanic.

And get a picture of 4 people jumping with no feet on the ground...

Make a 5 person pyramid...

Take a picture making our best fishy-face in front of our butt-ugly fish statue.

We lost the scavenger hunt. By that time I was exhausted. It was like...2am. ugh, 4 more hours to go...

Denise panted Melissa's face to make the night a little more amusing...

They had the Roommate Game, which is like the Newly Wed Game. I signed Denise and I up for it. We got I think 3 wrong...I got more wrong than Denise. :( But we got all the really hard questions correct! Like, what tangeable thing best describes you? Denise: Panda, Me: Squirrel. woop woop!!! We laughed every time we got it right.
Final picture of Denise's hair cut...

Final shot of my hair cut. Oh, I'm drawing the squirrel and panda hugging! lol.

Overrall the event went well, though the last 3 hours dragged on something horrible. We raised over $22,000 total, but our goal was something like $23,000 I think. That's still really well. It was a good time, but man was I tired.

I'd like to thank my super awesome family for helping me personally raise $115, which meant I got a Relay t-shirt! I tie-dyed it! yay! haha. So thank you thank you thank you soooo much for any monetary donation you made and just your support and approval! :) I love you all so so much!!!!! And I miss my hair! hehe.

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Kat said...

awww.. you are so brave!! i love your new haircut though.. and i can imagine how much you must miss your loong swooshy hair :(

it takes some time to getting used to but you can let it grow long again :D

just wanted to say you look really really cute :D