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I talked with Dr. J Friday afternoon about not getting into grad school and listing some options that I've been mulling over. He suggested I look into the Fulbright Program, too. It's a fostering of international relationships with the U.S. all over the world - in fact, our Foreign Language TA's come through the Fulbright Program. You can do this as a student, scholar, or teacher, and they give you the money to make it happen. I think I have the choice to go somewhere in the world or to stay here, though I'm not sure - I haven't looked that thoroughly into it yet. I told Dr. Cagle about it today and he seemed very eager to help me with it, too. Just another thing to add to my list, which is growing.

Dr. Knauth also just sent me something interesting (through Facebook, nonetheless, haha) about getting an online MA in Museum Studies through Johns Hopkins. That would be interesting too, though I'm a little warry of online courses, just because I'm such a hands-on learner. Being in class motivates me, and if I don't have to go to a physical place, I'm afraid it'd be hard to make myself do it. haha.

I also took up one of my dear momma's suggestions about looking into Arcadia's International Peace and Conflict Resolution MA degree. It doesn't look like I'd meet a lot of the criteria, but I think it's nothing that I couldn't quickly gain or substitute with what I already have - mainly they're looking for a basic humanities BA with some time spent abroad...which I basically have. However, I do need some political science courses. But I wouldn't mind that at all. Plus I'd also be with ma cousine for a year! hehe.

So now my list consists of:
  • teaching English in Asia somewhere
  • Peace Corps/New Community Project
  • online MA in Museum Studies with Johns Hopkins
  • Fulbright
  • Arcadia's International Peace and Conflict Resolution
See? Doors open all the time! :)

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jord said...

i'd go fulbright, that seems to be the best choice from your options...plus it sounds really interesting