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I'm sad that everything on my computer turned back to American stuff. I liked seeing German and Hebrew at the top of my page and the ads on my facebook account. Oh wells. I've come up with a little idea. I like my blog and I don't want it to end. So I'm going to keep it going! Maybe only once a week or so, because I'm back at Lyco now. It's going to be hard to keep up too often. But if I limit it to once a week, I'll still have a million and one things to say because so much goes on in the course of week at Lyco.

For instance: my first weekend back. Denise, Melissa, Heather, Eric, Jordan, Lala, her Chinese friend Abby who also goes here, and I went to Knoebels! Yay! We spent the weekend at Denise's house because Knoebels is only like 15 minutes from her house. Good ol' coal country! haha. We left right after classes on Friday (so 6:30pm. haha) and went to the drive-ins! We saw the double feature "Wall-E" (yay! I finally saw it!!!!) and "Pineapple Express" (a big stupid stoner movie... but it was really funny). Oh man, I LOVE Wall-E!! Melissa, of course, had to put a downer on the mood and be like, "But I don't wanna see a stupid Disney Pixar movie! They suck! God, fine, I'm gonna go see a different movie on one of the other screens!" We probably would have let her, but it was raining a bit and we didn't have room to fit everyone in one car, so we made her stay and watch Wall-E. That goon, she actually sort of liked the movie, too! Just because it's just a darn cute movie! She said she liked "Mo", the little cleaning robot. I think that's just because it was so much like her: a spastic clean freak. haha. Pineapple Express was one of those just stupid-funny movies. Pretty much it involved the main characters getting high the whole time and doing really stupid things in a very serious context, therefore making everything really funny. It's definitely one of those movies you just take at face value. I only recommend it to people who just want to sit, not think, and just laugh. Much different from Wall-E, which had a lot of propaganda. haha.

Figuring out where everyone was going to sleep was a bit of an ordeal. haha. Denise's house is huge, but her sister and brother-in-law also live there with their newborn baby, and her brother-in-law's parents came up that weekend, too. So the house was packed. Aw, but little baby Grayson was so cute!!! I got to hold him! Yay! We all teased Melissa the whole time because she definitely NOT a baby person. It's hysterical. She was like, "Oh God, it won't stop crying. Oh my God, oh my God, it just threw up, it just threw up! Oh God, take it away! I'm getting out of here!" This is when someone else was holding him. And she kept referring to him as "it". I yelled at her. I was like, "HE has a NAME, Melissa! You're gonna offend the mother!" haha. They made Melissa hold him, too. It was so funny. We were like, "Melissa! You have to put your arms around him!" He was lying in her chest and then he coughed. Omg, if no one was around, I don't know what would have happened to that baby. haha. It was a very funny situation.

Knoebels was totally awesome the next day. They called for thunderstorms at noon. The park opens at 11. We went anyway. No rain. No lines. BOOYAH! It was so awesome. If it weren't for the expensive food, I would have barely spent any money at all. I bought a $10 ticket book and didn't even use all the tickets. I gave them to Melissa and Eric, who wanted to go on all the rides over and over again. haha. It was so funny. Interestingly enough, though, Jordan didn't cook all weekend. That was kind of sad because he's an amazing cook. Maybe I'll make him cook this week or something. But Hazel (Denise's sister) made up PANCAKES Saturday morning!!!!! I was soooo excited because that's the only thing I haven't eaten since I've been home and that's really the one food I missed terribly. Jordan and Melissa didn't even eat it, Lala and Abby ate only a little, everyone else had two. I went back for forths. Hazel was like, "Why is the skinniest person eating the most pancakes?" Because I freakin' love pancakes!!!!!!!!!!!! <-----This is the best YouTube video I have ever seen. The only thing missing from the trip was the brief stop to see Ben. He died this past winter, and that was really hard on Denise, especially because she wasn't even in the country when it happened. He was such an interesting old man. He was only too eager to share the stories of his life, and my God did this man do a lot! He was even in a movie as an extra while he was stationed in California in the Navy. Or was it the Army? He wanted one of them but they messed up and put him the other, he was so angry. That's a funny story. So that was missing from our little excursion. Sunday was the campus carnival. Oh man. That was insane. We set up at 11:30 and it went until 6. Denise, Melissa, and I were the only ones who worked for LEAF because we're pretty much the only remaining senior officers, and by "senior" I mean "not new"...not our grade level. Man, that was tough. We had a kiddie game, so we didn't get many people to come to our table...except that I, Madame Presidente, came up with the awesome idea of putting out our potted planted for people to plant and decorate! We got 113 tickets, and then the school gives every organization 25 cents for each ticket. That's almost $30 for LEAF! woop woop! We ran out of potted plants, actually. So we're gonna use that money to buy more flower pots. haha. LEAF is going to keep me super busy this year. Man... I'm up to 4 hours a week working! woop! I have three jobs on campus now...well, technically 2. I'm a tutor (1) and a lab assistant for the Biblical Archaeology class (2). BUT I tutor for German (1) and Greek again (2)! So...yea. I'm also sort of taking a fifth class...without signing up for it or paying for it. mwahahaha. That would be Advanced German Grammar and Conversation, which I am technically ahead of from my study at the Goethe Institut. But I love that class and the people in it, and Dr. Cagle invited me to come to the class, so I'm taking it again. I just don't take the tests and I don't have to do the homework...but I've been doing the homework because I'm a nerd, a dork, and an overachiever. That last part I got my parents and grandmother. :D Speaking of, I am also SUPER excited to come home this weekend for the Celtic Festival!!! And see my brothers play in their BAGPIPE BAND again!!! Ooooh, I was never so proud as when I saw them play!!! And I can nerd it up some more by showing everyone who to write their name in Hebrew!!!!!! haha. But I can't wait to see the family! yay! And I'm requesting corn on the cob, because that is the absolute last food that I'm dying to have and have not yet eaten. Yea, the gross (yes, already gross...) cafe has corn on the cob, but it's yellow corn and it's not fresh but frozen and then reheated. blech. I want some tasty sweet white corn fresh from the farmer down the street. mmmmm. This really shows what a country bumpkin I am. WHOA! "bumpkin" is actually a word...I thought it was slang or something. I'm prepping for the festival by only playing celtic music. Oh yea! And I want yummy Irish/Scottish/English foods...like...POTATOES. haha. As if I haven't had enough of that all summer. And I'm super excited that BARLEYJUICE will be back!!!! yay!!!!

Ok, now I gotta get moving for class and getting working papers in so I can actually get paid. See some of you sooooon!!!!

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Denise said...

I am glad to see you will not be abandoning your blog...hey you Heather and Lala need to put those pictures from this weekend on facebook or something so I can steal them and put them on my blog...or you need to bring your cameras and cords over here so I can just put them right onto my computer....