Well, I think I'm finally all organized for the semester. I finally have my workload for classes figured out and my responsibilities for LEAF thoroughly distributed. I even have the time now for a dance class and a bit of involvement with Japanese Culture Club (JCC). Unfortunately I had to give up sitting in on the 229 German class to keep up with my German, but I'm still taking German Poetry and I just went to my first Stammtisch last night. I think a weekly Stammtisch will keep me up with my German just fine.

This is also my first weekend on campus since I've come back and my first weekend to sleep in. I'm helping out with our JCC "Welcome Back Party" tonight, but that's going to be fun. We're just doing a Ramen bar (prepared scrumptiously by our head chef and Eric's roommate Jordan) and a video game night. The only thing we have to "set up" is cooking the food and hooking up the video game systems. So I get all day to relax and maybe get some homework done. I have such a huge workload this semester that I think I'm going to attempt to get all of Monday AND Tuesday's work done over the weekend so that I can spend Monday and Tuesday nights doing homework for the rest of the week, since I have a lot to do for LEAF and tutoring and lab assistant work for those two days, also.

So yea, for LEAF, we finally got ALL the bins out (though we're already missing 4 from one of the freshmen dorms...freshmen?! Really!?), met up with the V.P and Treasurer of Lyco and the head of campus dining, along with Dr. Zimmerman (LEAF's advisor and head of the Bio department), and three students whose senior theses are on Sustainability to discuss ways to get Lyco more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Man, there's a lot to do for that. We also had a few meetings with Buildings and Grounds on campus to get more recycling going on campus and Dr. Zim wants us to get involved with his Storm Drain Stenciling Project. *Phew* LEAF is gonna have a lot to do this year. But Stammtisch was a severely nice relief. I managed to find $4 in quarters so I could buy myself a Bullfrog Specialty Beer! Yay! The topic of the evening was politics, and it was severely hilarious...Dr. Larson is pretty hard core about the whole thing.

I also tutor about 4 hours a week, am lab assistant for 1 to 2 hours a week, grade for the labs. I'm going to group tutoring for Hebrew (because this book is set up in an impossible way and Dr. Knauth I feel is just not doing a good job teaching it, though she knows this stuff pretty well and is absolutely in love with it). I go to Belly Dancing on Thursday evenings after my Archaeology Colloquium. I have a senior project to do for colloquium on my dig experience, but I have to add research into it, while also writing a final paper for my Archaeology Theory and Methods class. My Cultural Anthropology class is writing intensive, so I'm going to have a lot to write, but it's all simple, thank God. German Poetry is proving a lot of work, also, because I have to read on average about 8 poems for each class and have to memorize and recite one each week. If poetry was difficult just in English, try doing it in another language. I had to give up fencing before even trying it because I knew that was going to be just too much. Oh wells.

So now this week I have to get together with Dr. Gaber and discuss what I'm going to do my senior on. I'm thinking of writing about problems of digging at a site that was already dug up and getting past the missing stratigraphy and jumbled artifacts, while also relating it to how Archeaological theories and methods evolved over time and how that affected the digging methods at Gezer and what we expect to find. There was another point I wanted to add to it...nuts, I can't remember. But it's supposed to end up being a 15 minute presentation. Not too bad at all.

One thing I've been happy about with all this running around is that all my friends are involved in the same things, so I get to see them all the time. The thing that makes me very very sad about all this is that it leaves me very little time for my Stuart, especially because his work schedule is the opposite of mine. This means even less time. He also is sick this week with a very bad cold or sinus infection. I gave him some Nyquill and put him to bed at 10:30 last night. lol. Denise and another girl we're friends with had the sickness last week. Yay! Not long before it gets to me! Grrr. But next week is our 3 year anniversary. We're planning on dinner and a movie. lol. We want to see Burn After Reading, which looks hysterical. I love George Clooney and Brad Pitt in the same film. They're always amazing together. AND it's a Coen Brothers film, which are also amazing. They just built a brand new movie theatre just a block away from the college, so we're super excited to go see it what it's like.

But I'm loving having an apartment! We have a kitchen and a living room with seperate bed rooms! Man, this makes living at college so much nicer. We've been cooking our own meals, which means tastier and sometimes healthier meals than what we would get in the caf. I'm so glad I switched my meal plan for the year, too. That means the money that would have been paying for cafeteria meals goes to money for JP's night grill and Jazzman's cafe! woot! This morning Heather made yummy mushroom and garlic omelettes! *drools*

Ok, I'm obviously still not awake yet because this post is awfully rambly and jumbly. haha. It was so nice to sleep in...until 11:30. I just got a shower 45 minutes ago. haha. Well, maybe I'll spend some Alli time before starting on the homework for a prep. haha. I need more coffee...

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