Stupid Hurricane Hanna...

Man, I would have gotten to see BarleyJuice and a bunch of other cool bands and walk around doing cool stuffs yesterday for the Irish Fest...if it hadn't rained!!! Darned hurricane... oh wells. I at least got to see my widdle bruvers play for the opening ceremony. It was actually a kind of audition for their band for next year, and I think they did super awesome, even in the rain. Actually, they later got a call from the guy in charge of the music and he's a bagpiper and now wants to join the band! haha! Awesome! Hamilton Celtic Pipes and Drums just may be in the line up for the Green Lane Irish Festival next year! haha.

Well, even though it rained, it was super nice to be home and spend time with the family. Now I'm super tired and still have to do all my homework. haha. Oy...

But I'll be going to see The Decemberists with Cassie and Melissa and Denise on December 7th!!! Yay!!!! woop woop! That's gonna be super awesome!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!!

Ok...erm...I may take a mini nap...or just make coffee. You know what, I'm just gonna make coffee.

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