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I forgot to talk about my weekend and my plans for the upcoming weekend!

This past weekend was Stuart and my 3-year anniversary! I was super excited about it all week because we were going to eat at Red Lobster and then see Burn After Reading, but something put me in a bad mood right after classes. Poor Stuart, I had to have a mini sob-fest as we were waiting for our table at Red Lobster to put me back in a good mood. I have no idea what caused it...maybe just stress, who knows? But I enjoyed myself after that...except for the brief bout with diarrhea half-way through the movie. Stupid sea food. I didn't mind too much because the movie was actually pretty awful, which made me sad. There were some funny parts but for the most part everyone's reaction was just, "*blink* What?" Oh wells.

Saturday I was feeling much better from stupid illness and just sat around all day with Denise, Melissa, Heather, and Stuart. It felt great. Watched some TV, went to church with Heather. That was nice. Yesterday I slept in late again, had some tasty eggs and potatoes for breakfast with Stuart, and played Tekkin with Denise for the first half of the afternoon. Then I realized I should have been doing homework and left to get showered and do my assignments. Which were interrupted by "homemade" pizzas with Denise and Melissa. And watching Men In Black and Men In Black II on TV...followed by the second half of the Emmy's. Yep...not very much was accomplished last night.

This weekend Denise, Melissa, Eric, Jordan, and I are going to Jordan's cabin! Yay! Friday Melissa's going on the art trip to NYC, so she won't be back until about midnight. We're waiting for her to get back and then going up so we can sleep in on Saturday. Yay! We'll be back late on Saturday, I think? I dunno, but it's going to be so much fun!!!! Yay!!! I love outdoorsy stuff.

Oh poo! I have to go meet people for lunch and tutoring now! I'm late!!! I gotta get outta ma PJ's!!! AAAAHHHH! hahahaah.

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Denise said...

I thought we were coming back early sunday?....