I'M BACK....delayed post...

Why hello all. I am safely back in the States and have been for quite some time. Well, since Friday night. I had a lovely time eating out at a Mexican restaurant that night. Saturday I finally got to see my brothers perform and they were AMAZING. They make me so proud! I've never been so proud in my whole life as when I saw them playing together in the band. It was really great. Then I got to see some of my lovelies for ice cream at Sonic!

Sunday morning we had a...hectic ride back to Lycoming. Stupid "short cut". But we got back just fine. I'm rooming with Heather and Lala (the Asian Sensation! hahaha) in the new apartments, and they are SO AWESOME! Man, we just don't know what to do with so much room! It's so cool. I love it. There wasn't enough time at home, though. Except that my stupid computer wasn't letting me get on the internet!!! Eric and Jordan finally got it all fixed up tonight. Thank God for Mac's. haha. And my computer savvy brother and his roommate. :D No thanks to ITS...psh. They never do much to help.

My first classes were all super amazing! I think I'm really going to love all of them. Oh wait... Cultural Anthropology is gonna be a little boring. But I like it anyway. Hebrew is going to be tough until I get that alphabet down, but I'm really excited for it! My Archaeology Theory and Methods course is super interesting. Pam Gaber is a really good professor. I think this course is really going to prep me a lot for grad school, which is fantastic. My German Poetry class is SO AWESOME already. I feel so comfortable with my German now and I'm not hesitant to participate. Also, people who decide to take German are just so much cooler and so much more fun than other people. ;)

After my class I found out that I will have a THIRD job on campus now. woot! Dr. Johnson asked me if I would want to be the Greek tutor again because some of the students were asking if they could have a tutor again. He's just going to run it by the tutor center again, I think. I have to get there for my German position yet, too. I'll be tutoring for 101 and 111 of German! Yay! The beginner levels! It's going to be so fun! We've had a ton of new students to the German department, so there are 3 tutors all together. And then today I went to my first day of my third job: Biblical Archaeology lab assistant! It's going to be a little...frustrating at times, just because it's Dr. Knauth. But hopefully I can be a help and offer some insight to the students.

Already I have to get stuff together for LEAF (I'm the president this year. aaaaaah!!!): Involvement Fair tomorrow afternoon and Campus Carnival on Sunday. *sigh* But luckily I've already run into a couple of the members and they're pretty excited about getting things started. Thank God! Then this Friday is the first Stammtisch, then Knoebels with Denise, Melissa, Eric, Jordan, Heather, Lala, and Abby (Lala's friend from China)! Yay! Unfortunately, we realized that it's Labor Day Weekend. It's going to be super packed. Luckily we can stay at Denise's place for the weekend. woop woop! haha.

Alright, well, I haven't started on any homework yet and I gotta get that started. I just wanted to update that I made it back ok and everything. Hopefully I'll get the rest of my Germany pictures up soon! Alright, wells...that's all for now. tootles!

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