Last day....

*sigh* so today is my last day in Berlin....I'm going to miss it. It's the greatest city I've ever been to. I'm definitely coming back. I made a lot of really nice people and it was just a blast. Yesterday was our last day of class and we all pitched in 2euro for gifts for our teacher, Brigitta. It was so awesome. We bought her this gorgeous flower plant, a box of lindt chocolates, and a poster of Johnny Depp...because she loves him. hahaha. We even wrote her a "love note" on the back of the poster using all the grammar we learned. haha. It was super funny. She used to make us do talk shows and write love notes to each other and such, so it was really cute. She was so happy about it all. Then the whole class went out for dinner at this AMAZING Greek restaurant, and the people there were so awesome. We were supposed to meet at 8:30pm, but of course some people were late. haha. And we ended up arriving at 9pm. We were there until 12:30. haha. The people were awfully nice about it. They actually told us we could stay as long as we wanted. Angelika went crazy because she could finally speak Greek with people. haha. It was so amusing. It was a really good night filled with delicious Greek cuisine, good prices, and we all got a complimentary drink of orzi (erm, I think that's it...it's a Greek drink) or Amaretto. That was very sweet of them.

So it was all in all an amazing day. Oh wait, except for the getting up super early to take my test. That part wasn't fun. BUT I think I did pretty well because it wasn't very difficult. It wasn't easy, but it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. But we'll see how my speaking interview goes. Haha. I have that in an hour and I think it's only supposed to last at most 20 minutes. Then some of us are going to meet one last time for lunch. Then it's packing packing packing for me! Maybe I can get some more pictures up while I'm packing tonight.

I come home tomorrow!!!! Yay!!! I'm so excited!!!! I can't wait to be home. But I get home late... :( I don't have very much time between home and Lyco, so I can't see all my beautiful people before I leave for Lyco. *sob* I'll just have to try to make weekend trips. Hopefully my work load isn't so bad that I can do that often enough.

OH! The ASOR meeting is in Boston this year! I totally wanna go! Sam and Steve are making presentations on our finds and such! I wanna hear! And technically we have a "staff meeting" on the first Friday night of it all...I think. Not entirely sure. HEATHER! Wanna go to ASOR with me?! Oh, ASOR: American Schools of Oriental Research. Or also, SBL: Society of Biblical Literature. I think they work together...there's another one too...but I can't remember it. And it doesn't really work with ASOR...

Anywho, I need to get ready for my test.


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