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Hello everyone. There will be no posts for the weekend because I'm off to Bamberg to get my suitcase from Kat and then also spend some time down there. :) But I can't get internet there and her laptop is broken, and I think she was saying that her internet is being stupid anyway. haha. So, I shall post after the weekend.

Last night there was a Bier Fest right down the street! So a bunch of us from the class met up with a bunch of other people from another class and hung out there until a little thunderstorm pushed us all underground in the UBahn station. So we decided to hop the train to a really awesome disko called Havana Club. lol. There was Spanish pop music on the first floor, don't know what was happening upstairs, but downstairs was the American and some German hiphop and rap music with a little side room for salsa dancing! haha. It was so cool. And that Greek girl, Angelika, is just too cute. She was going crazy dancing. lol. We got there at midnight and I finally decided that I had to leave at 3:45am since I had to train down to Bamberg this morning. A couple other people left with me and we found a bus that went to our parting separation: Alexanderplatz. I walked in the door at 5:30am.

Ugh...I will never do that again. That is just too late for me... I was starting to get tired at 1:30am, but I bought a water and decided to just wait for my second wind. I got a side stitch and my back started hurting before I got my second wind. It was a blast! Those people are so much fun to go clubbing with. And I feel absolutely fine right now, actually. My 3 hours of sleep were dreamless and deep. lol. But I'll be sleeping the whole way down to Bamberg now, and that's about 5 hours. Yay! Aw man, but I have to switch trains twice! Nuts. Well...at least they're short transfers.

Ok, I must be going and finishing getting ready for KATHA UND BAMBERG! Yay!!!!!!

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