So I just got a phone call from my super talented younger brothers Matt and Paul and I am so excited and so proud of them. This is now the 4th place I've written this because I'm so proud of them. While on vacation at the beach, some guy at a hoagie shop asked them to play their bagpipes and drum for a few days...and they were paid. Nothing better than making money on vacation! haha. WELL, these boys are well on their way to becoming the most famous mini bagpipe band in the world, I think. Just wait, someday you'll see them on tour... But while playing there one day, (simplified story) this guy came up and was like, we were hoping to have someone play the bagpipes at this news castor's birthday party in Avalon at his super awesome mansion! Would you like to do it?

Hmm...lemme think for a minute...YES. The guy came around to the beach house earlier today to drop off the pay and said to my dad, "Oh yea, and the Eagles players are also going to be at this party." *jaw drops* First, they get a gig for a rich dude at the beach, then they find out that they could meet the Eagles. These boys, I tell ya. Ok, I was just so excited and so proud that I had to run an update on this news.

That is all. Oh, and I want pictures and video of this.

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