Das Wetter...

Whoa, I checked the weather for back home today for the first time, like, for the entire time I've been here. Man, you guys have sun and heat and sun and few clouds and sun. Know what we've had here in Berlin for the past week and a half? Rain...chilly...rain...oh, only dark, grey, and cloudy today...windy with some rain...rain...whoa, the sun, but chilly...rain. haha. Yay for north north European weather! You should hear the Spanish, Greek, and Brazilians complaining. It's pretty funny. BUT I found out that I'm actually tanner than the Brazilians...which I thought was super funny. Today I actually slept in really late because the weather was so grey, I thought it was still early. Then when I was like, NO, I JUST CAN'T SLEEP ANYMORE! WHAT TIME IS IT? I saw that it was actually 1pm. haha. oops. Well I hope that means I shall have lots of energy for the Salsa dance party they're having tonight.

I was supposed to meet up with people this weekend from my term back in May (whoa, almost wrote Mai...but that's Deutsch) but half the people canceled because of work and the other half didn't realize we were still planning it. :( Oh wells, I plan on returning to wonderful wonderful Berlin in the near future and to continue coming here and maybe one day live here for a bit. I think that would be fantastic. It's really not that expensive in Berlin...or really Germany. And the French and Spanish and Greek people think so, too. They're impressed by the cheap foods in the super markets and cheap prices for restaurants with GOOD food (Vietnamese for 5euro plates FULL of food and rice and noodles....*drools*; pizza and coke 3euro; of course kebab 2 to 4 euro; Middle Eastern 6euro). It's only when you want the "fancy" cuisines that you have to pay a lot (Italian 12euro; French 24euro; Japanese 10euro). And German foods span the entire price range, depending on where you're eating: Biergarten 5 to 10euro; "nice" restaurant 12 to 20euro. This really is quite an amazing city with a HUGE range of cultures and things to do and see and eat. Living can be cheap or expensive (50 to 80 cubic meter apartments in Potsdamer Platz I hear go for 1000euro a month...damn). But that's Postdamer Platz. My host family pays I think only 300euro (?) a month for a nice sized apartment for a young couple, especially for it's location, which is only a 10 to 15 minute UBahn ride from Berlin Mitte - sehr gut!

But anyways. Countdown to home: 6 days; Countdown to Lyco: 8 days. Ooooooh mmaaaaaaaan!

My flight from Berlin is 11:05am, which means I need to be there at least by 8am. Then it's a two hour flight to London Heathrow (I still have to figure out which terminal I LEAVE from... hopefully it stays the same and doesn't decide to change on me AGAIN. Oh wait...I have a two and a half hour layover. Ach, Gott sei Dank! *passes out* Last time I only had one hour and I almost didn't make it. Phew, I can take my time this time around...that'll make things superbly easier. Yea, and then it's only a 2 hour flight to the states! haha, I'm just kidding, that's giving local times. It's actually 8 hours. Whoa, cool, I found an awesome picture of the world time zones! Just in case anyone's interested. lol.

Hahaha...Soeren keeps saying, "RED RUM!" in the scary little voice that kid makes in The Shining. haha, "Danny's not here Mrs. Torrence..." haha, that's such a good movie, I love Jack Nicholson...

Ok, but now I must get moving. I took my time eating breakfast...at 1:30pm. haha. Folded and put away my clean laundry, checked all my email and internet stuffs, checked my flight times, updated, and now it's 3pm. I guess it's time I took a shower. Yep...definitely shower time. Then I think I'll start packing up some of my clothes and stuff that I know I won't need (mostly clothes for HOT summer weather and not chilly rainy summer weather), and maybe work on my practice test a bit. Oh man...I'm really nervous for this practice test. But I want to work on it this weekend so that any questions I have about grammar or something, I can ask my Lehrerin about on Monday and work on it some more before my first part on Wednesday morning. There are two parts: Reading comprehension, Listening comprehension, and Grammar are on Wednesday morning; Writing and Speaking on Thursday morning. Uuuugh! And it's for the entire B1 section, not just B1,1...which means I need to quickly brush up on B1,2. But then the next time I go to study German, I get to take C1!!! And if I complete C1, then I am a qualified international translator of German!!! wooooo! That's my goal!!!

Ok, but really now...shower...I don't know what it is about Europe, but it just makes you smell. Seriously guys, it's not the people...all the time. Because I shower everyday and use deodorant everyday, and when I wake up in the mornings or before I go to bed at night, I'm like, "Hey! I DID shower today..." It's the land, man...wasn't like that in Israel. I smelled in Israel only during the week when we were sweating away up on the Tel...never smelled on the weekends, even if we were sweating just sitting in one place. No stench. It's Europe...hahaha.

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