Sorry, no photos...

Ok, I promise I’ll get photos up this weekend!!! I just don’t have time to do anything about it during the week. And if I do, all the volunteers are using up the internet and I can’t get enough internet to upload pictures.

This week has already been pretty eventful, even if things are moving really slow in my square. Yesterday and today it was pretty hot – like 95°. Yesterday when we were walking down the Tel, we saw a lot of smoke coming from one of the nearby hills. Most times it’s just a lot of dust from tractors and farmers working in the fields, but not this time. It was a pretty rip-roarin’ fire – two, actually, and I think they combined into one. We didn’t hear anything about it, so I’m not sure what happened. It was far enough away that we weren’t in any kind of threat, but it was still close enough that we could see the actual flames from the road.

Today I’m really tired. We’re moving sooo slooow in my square it’s almost boring. But we move so slow because we’re finding all our destruction material with lots of vessels. Today I was moved around the field because they said I wouldn’t be able to move fast enough to remove some of them by the weekend, so we covered them up and I was kicked out of my square for about an hour and a half. My square is also growing into the entire “back room” of the domestic house, which happens to be partially into three other squares. So I’m slowly devouring my field. Haha. Sounds cool, but this makes my paper work super complicated. But they made the decision to give it to me and take it away from the other supervisors, so they must trust me/expect that I’ll get it done the way they want it to. I guess that’s good, but it’s an awful lot of responsibility.

I have also established Friday as cookie day (we have a cookie break and the supervisors bring the cookies for the volunteers) and orange pants day. I have a pair of florescent orange shorts I got as a hand-me-down from Eric and they’ve become quite a topic of discussion. Hahaha. I also wear my tie-dye socks on Friday. Just something fun I decided to do. Maybe I can also make Wednesdays cookie day, because Wednesdays can be very trying.

Anyway, I’m doing all this through lecture and it’s getting close to dinner. Mmmm…I’m hungry. I’m hoping for not chicken…haha. Anyways, getting sleepy and tired of looking at a computer screen. Pictures for Saturday!

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