Mom, Dad: Take this list down...

Things I want to eat upon returning to the USA:
  • Big hunk of steak
  • Pork chops
  • Powdered donut holes
  • Doritoz
That's all I have so far. I've eaten so many olives and the food is just naturally so salty that I have mega chocolate cravings in between meals. They've been satiated with regular trips to the market for dark chocolate bars, Riesens, chocolate pudding, and chocolate chip cookies. haha. I've never had so much juice in my life, and I love it. Each week Lesley, Marcella, and I guzzle down about 3 litres of juice a week, plus the "Jump Juice" we have for second breakfast every morning on the Tel.

Yesterday Lesley, Marcella, and I joined Jason, Jessica, Eric, and Byron for a tour of the parts of Galilee you don't get to see on the study tour with Gezer. Dennis was our tour guide. He hadn't been up to many of those sites in nearly 10 years, and Israel has had major highway construction since then, even in just the past 2 years. Needless to say, it was quite an adventure. We had an absolute blast. As soon as I go through all 239 photos and limit them down quite a lot I'll put them up. I also have to check in my travel journal I took with me for all the info we got about all 8 stops we made. haha.

It was a full day. We met in the dig house for breakfast at 5am, were on the road by 5:30, and had already made 4 stops by noon. We slowed down quite a bit after lunch, due to exceptionally large schawarmas we scarfed down. haha. We had a few more stops in the afternoon and stopped at Abu Gosh for dinner at a delicious Lebanese restaurant. I had chicken shishlik, which is what we would call shish-kabob. Funny, but kabob in the restaurant was hunks of beef on a skewer. I'm guessing, then, that we get shish-kebob from the Lebanese. There weren't any veggies on the skewer, but there was a huge plate of rice with lentils and flavored with saffron and covered in onions with a fried tomato. mmm...thank God I couldn't eat it all and have leftovers I can eat today. We got back at 9:30 and we were all completely exhausted. I was asleep the instant my head hit the pillow, despite the noise outside from the graduation celebration for the elementary kids from the community school. We didn't get up until 9. haha.

Ok, well, I'm hoping to get the pictures up later today. I will go through them right now. :)

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