Whoa, it was weird trying to sign on so I could update my journal. Had to try and figure out the Hebrew. Now everything's back in English.

Anyways, I've arrived safely to Israel! I was actually the first to get here, besides our "House Mother" Terry...who's actually a guy, but we affectionately refer to him as the House Mother. But I had called him and he said I could either wait 2 hours at the airport for the group flight arriving after me or take a taxi to Neve Shalom Kibbutz. I decided to wait so I could go with people I knew and were comfortable with. I waited 2 1/2 hours and didn't see anyone, so I took a taxi. The driver had never heard of Neve Shalom. Thank God I could give them better directions, it's next to LaTrune. I called Terry back when I arrived and he said that if I had just waited 10 more minutes I probably would have seen them all. Nuts.

But now everyone's arrived and I must help bring things into the dig house. Byes!

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