Fishy Update...

Just thought everyone would like to know that my Epi-fish is doing much better. He must have just been in a real bad mood...or else had a cold (can fish get colds?!) or something. Because he's perfectly back to normal now, except for a few more air gulps than normal and bit less active. Maybe he just got moody because he realized how old he is or something. lol.

And I really really really want spaghetti right now. The urge is intense. Most especially I want a garlic butter sauce. Maybe I can figure out a way to accomplish this at the caf tonight...I think they have garlic powder somewhere. Close enough to the real thing.

RecycleMania has started out super slow and not so good. Maybe things will improve. I even forgot to do recycling for the first day...sheesh, Alli. And I also still need to get in contact with the housekeepers, which is proving more difficult than it should. I just want to the know who the hell is in charge of housekeeping and find out the appropriate way to send a message to the individual housekeepers about who's recycling where and the pick up days so they know not to take out our recycling!

This weekend was fun, though unproductive. Saturday...why don't I remember Saturday? OH, I remember. Stuart and I were supposed to go to the movies to see the new Clint Eastwood film that he's been dying to see, but we ended up not having any money. Well, I have some money ($30) but I realized that I am going to D.C. on Friday to hear an archaeological talk at Johns Hopkins International Campus (maybe there will be some professors there from the Baltimore campus!!!), and I will need to pitch in for gas money and buy myself dinner.

Thank God for overestimating on Student Loan Funds (well...for now...)! Now I just have to pray that everything goes through FAST so I get my refund ASAP...as in, before Kat comes for her 2.5 week visit starting February 25! So I have moneys to spend on her! We decided that since she was able to save up the money for the plane tickets, the rest of us will pitch in for her while she's here (since not a one of us in a nice financial situation....). I'm so glad she'll be here. She really needs to get out of her current situation for a little bit, clear up her head. Maybe it'll help her think better when she goes back.

Oh, I was supposed to be updating about my weekend. Saturday night we cooked up the deer steaks dad gave Eric and me and we ate...almost all of them! Let's see, we had Denise, Melissa, Jordan, Eric, me, Heather, Kevin, Sam, and her fiance Jake. Yea, that's a fair amount of people. I had potatoes to throw in, too, thank God, or else there wouldn't have been enough to eat. The frozen corn on the cob that Denise grabbed from her house turned out to be freezer burned and bad. Thank God for my brownie mix, too! (And the kind offering of vegitable oil from our lovely girls in Commons 5). We played Animal Crossing on Denise's Game Cube while waiting for dinner, and then Uno Attack, Taboo, and Scattegories after dinner. It's always so amusing to play video games with Eric because it's never calm. hahaha.

Sunday Denise, Heather, Sam, Jake, and I went to the mall so I could spend my Bon-Ton gift card. I found out Saturday night that they're going out of business, so I have to spend the gift card fast, before it closes. The dress I'd seen there before Christmas turned out to have been long gone. :( But I ended up getting a new long-sleeved shirt (of which I just don't seem to have enough of, now that it's super cold out), and a thicker kind of hoodie. Unfortunately that only took up 1/4 of the gift card, so we browsed, looking for other things to buy, I offered to buy a panda beeny baby for Denise to spend another $10, lol. Then I saw the crockpots!!!!! I am now a proud owner of a 5qt crockpot with a timer and "warm" setting! hahaha. This now opens up for our large group...STEWS AND SOUPS! WOOP WOOP! Which we'll be starting instantly, with Denise using her dad's recipe for 15 bean soup! YUM!

Ok, now I need to get ready for yet another meeting for LEAF...

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