::Brain Explodes::

So. Yea. Well, I got an email from Johns Hopkins last night saying that I was missing my transcripts and a recommendation from Dr. Knauth. Alright, the transcripts, oops, I forget to get them when I got back to school. My stupid mistake. But Knauth? I then checked all my other schools and not ONE received a recommendation from her. NOT ONE. So I thought, alright, I'll go talk to her about that and see what happened, after I get my transcripts together to mail out to JHU.

When Heather and I walked into our German class today, Kirsten was freaking out about how JHU emailed her and told her that they didn't get a recommendation from Knauth either. This is a serious thing then. Heather started getting worried, too. Dr. Cagle came in while we were all three still fuming a bit, and Len gave us the voice of reason. He said that it was really weird that that happened, but maybe it was because of the new way grad schools handle recommendations: namely, online. He said that it's a little confusing and takes a while to do it (he said 30 minutes!) because there are so many steps to go through and that it's really easy to miss something and have it not submitted. He also said that even though this regrettable thing happened, it will all work out, and he was confident that we really wouldn't have any trouble. I love you, Len Cagle!!!

So I went to talk to Knauth about it and she looked shocked that JHU didn't get it, and when I told her that NONE of my schools received her letters, she looked even more shocked. I told her that all of them were online and that maybe they weren't expecting a paper recommendation and didn't realize they had it, or suggested that maybe something happened with the online recommendation that maybe she missed. She said that she had all my letters in my folder and that if that's the case, she can easily just resend it all. I really hope so. I'm going to be checking DAILY until I see that her recommendations have been received. I'm going to give it until next Friday until I actually freak out and go tearing through her office. Is that reasonable? It's not like my entire future is resting in her hands or anything ::sarcasm::

I also found out that I missed in step in sending my transcripts to UMichigan, too. Apparently I was supposed to send and official copy to the Rackam Graduate Admissions AND an unofficial one to the Near Eastern Studies Department. I called the NES admissions to see what happened (this was before I realized my mistake) because I actually paid $25 to the damned Registrar here at Lyco to have my official transcripts overnighted to UMich so they would only be one or two days late instead of weeks. I was ready to flip out on the registrar because that would have been an entire waste of $25 and I would have demanded my money back and wouldn't have left until I got it back in cash. So now I'm waiting to see if the registrar can print me off an unofficial copy by 4pm (which is 2 people short today, so it might not happen, even though all they have to do is bring up my file and PRINT THE DAMNED THING OUT which would only take, maybe 10 minutes if something goes wrong with the computers, which is bound to happen because it's LYCOMING, of course something like that would happen).

*sigh* relax, Alli. Think of what Cagle said. *sob* I thought this was all done already. ;___; I just want it to be all over because waiting alone is nerve wracking enough, without realizing you're puting your whole future in jeopardy by having missing pieces to your applications!!!!

On a happy note, I got part of my refund check today! Yay! Now I have $300! $250 of which will be going into my savings account and put on reserve for when Kat arrives at the end of February. Ok, I think I may take a nap now to calm my nerves. :(

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