Between Denise's curiosity of Nerd-dom and the extreme nerdiness of our dear guy friend Kevin, we have decided that Heather, Denise, and I will learn how to play Dungeons & Dragons. This gives me an extreme fit of the giggles, but at the same time has peaked my interest and that creative, artistic spurt at the core of me has again been rekindled. This also makes me very excited to start my ceramics class, since I feel that I will now begin a great creative...well, for lack of a better word - explosion. I had a hard time concentrating on my Hebrew homework - as I'm sure Heather and Denise were with their own homework, also - as Kevin gave little bits of pieces of what goes on with the game. We all kept throwing in little bits about what we want our characters to be like and what skills we want them to have - you know, like numchuck skills... lol. I say that every time Kevin says "skills"...I think I'm starting to get annoying with it. haha.

But all last night I kept thinking about what I want my character to look like, and what her history was, and it reminded me of this image I had stuck in my head all throughout break that I was never able to successfully put on paper. Maybe I'll be able to finally get it right now, with more than just an image to go on. Now I will know this woman who's been stuck in my imagination. ^.^ Where I used to see this game as a totally creepy and slightly psychopathic game, I now find myself absorbed and seeing it from an understanding that it's actually quite creative and imaginative - just right up my alley. I'm going to be a Hafling Druid! LOL! I'm becoming a total nerd...as if I wasn't already there.

I also had my first German class yesterday. I'm so excited to get reading all these stories and watching the movies. The course is titled "Uncanny Tales" and the first one we're reading now "The Sandman" is quite, well, uncanny. Creepy. We're even going to read some E. A. Poe later, which I am SUPER excited about. But you know what? I forgot how much I absolutely LOVE reading stories like this. It gives you this eery feeling, but it's a really fun feeling, I think. I love the goosebumps and the morbid pictures that run through your head. And we'll be watching movies that are based off of or have similar elements as the stories we read. And let me just tell you how badly I've been craving to watch some absolutely creepy stuff. Scary movies just aren't, well, scary anymore. They're just gross - though I still have yet to watch The Strangers, it's next on my Netflix queue, lol. Over break, I watched The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, the original silent noir. It was SO GOOD. And I think if it weren't silent, I really would have been creeped out. For some reason, the silent films make me giggle when I should be gasping. But it really had that creepy element that I've been craving - I just wish it were a stronger one. And I think that craving will be sufficiently satisfied once this semester's over.

But that also being said, I think this will also add to my creative build up currently going on. Now I'm learning what I need to keep that fire going, what things stimulate my imagination most. I never really paid attention to that through high school, but I know I'm making note of everything. I just really wish my ceramics class wasn't canceled last night (the prof has conjunctivitis!) so I can learn a new form and figure out how to express what's in me besides just paper and pencil. Yay! I'm thinking this is going to be a great semester...

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Denise said...

I;m going to be a half-elf rogue....yay!!! though I can only draw stick figures so it will be all in my mind