Busy Bee

Yea, I've got more work ahead of me. I'm banging my head on the desk for having not kept up with my Hebrew studying over break - it's paying...poorly. And I have to actually try to catch up. I've just been scrambling to get done what I can. Why am I putting off Hebrew when that's the one thing I really really want? Possibly because it's a lot of work? Poor excuse, Alli.

Tonight I have a German essay to write along the lines of Sigmund Freud's interpretation of E.T.A. Hoffman's "The Sandman", and the meaning behind the symbolism of the eyes...and maybe also every child's fear of castration? Yep, this is going to be a little difficult. Also, I need to finish reading our little book of Herodotus' tale of Xerxes' invasion of Greece (67/113 pages complete! woo!) so I can write up a short discussion essay to make up for my absence on our discussion day this Friday. This afternoon I'm also going to a meeting for the Green Initiative with the Dean and Treasurer. No doubt the topic of yesterday's Trayless Tuesday event will come up. It went horribly, pretty much. People were shouting loudly and obnoxiously left and right, leaving food on the tables in protest. What the ignorant pricks refuse to realize is that this was NOT Students Senate or LEAF's fault (though we were involved with discussions in going this), but instead Sudexo, our food provider, went over the heads of the entire administration to take away all trays on Tuesdays. Poor Cassie and Bob (two members of Student Senate who were in charge of this) were getting threats from students all weekend.

So LEAF and the Green Committee (both run only by students) are trying to come up with constructive criticisms to make this more convenient for students and think of creative ways people could get around this. CAS floor (well, I guess mostly Josh) had an ingenious idea to make their own tray out of a cardboard sign that read "You can take our trays, but you cannot take our creativity". That's FINE! He still ATE and then took the food up to the belt! This is NOT going to go away and it will eventually become permanent for every day of the week! Nothing the students do will make it go away, they're just going to have to suck it up and deal with it!

Anyway, enough of the rant. Tonight Denise and I are going to try out Latin dancing! Pretty stoked about that. For now, I must finish my lunch, get a shower, send out a million billion emails, and get my tax exemption form to the FinAid office before class at 2. *sigh* We're getting there...

Ideally I'd also like to organize all my Hebrew flash cards and start making the new ones and read 20 more pages of Xerxes, but we'll see...that may be too much for just 2 hours...

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