Family, Birthdays, and Holidays

One of my favorite things about living in San Francisco is being a part of Maddy’s life again. I’m sure that’s her favorite thing, too. This past week was Easter and Mateo’s birthday, so I got to spend a lot of time with Maddy and the boys.

Here are some great photos from Mateo’s birthday party!

Mateo really loved the balloons mommy ordered for his party!
He also had a good time playing with them with daddy!
There was a quite a pile of presents to be opened! 
…and he insisted on completely opening and playing with each one before moving onto the next.
He really loved “Alli’s guck!” :D
And running through the decorations.

G.G. sent him lots of gifts!

But mommy and daddy got him the best gift of all…

A giant firetruck!
With a real working ladder and fire hose!
It goes up so high!
Max and Auntie Malea had a good time celebrating too.
Perfect cake, mom!

The perfect 3rd birthday!

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