The Many Adventures of the Bay Area: Part III

Day 3: Muir Woods

Muir Woods is one of the many red woods preserves in California – and it’s just over the Golden Gate Bridge! You just need to have the stomach to drive the hairpin turns on the edges of mountains! It was pretty scary. We also happened to go on a “free day,” so there were a ton of people there. Katy and I parked a mile and a half from the park entrance and decided to take one of the off-shoot trails to avoid the many peoples. All-in-all, we walked about 6 miles. We were whooped when we got home!

There was a long line of traffic to get into the park.

Well worth the long walk.

These trees are massive!

Really big.

We had to walk over this scary bridge over the little river! So cool. Katy was terrified.

There were all kinds of cool natures.

After climbing up the next mountain, we got to see the bridge we crossed.

There's also a trail in the Muir Woods that is named after Matt. hehe.

Just too beautiful.

Banana slug!

Fuzzy trees!

New fern growth.

Red wood bark is very durable and able to survive forest fires a lot. But sometimes the fires cause a rotting inside the tree. This one fell over from the rot.

We saw turkeys! They moved too fast for me to get a good shot. Also, I was standing on a busy road trying to get the picture, soo...

You can see the road we had to drive on to get to the forest.

Anyway, it was a lovely day.

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