Denise Comes to Visit – Part I: Alcatraz

It’s been a long time since Denise came out to visit me and I’m finally just getting around to posting pictures! I have a lot to catch up on, let’s get started!

We had to hop a ferry from Pier 39. Interesting fact: the company that does the Alcatraz tours is in the same office building in which I work! I get to look out over Alcatraz all day and see the giant cruise ships docked at Pier 39.

The ferry ride out. I absolutely love the Bay Bridge and snapping shots of it. The two sides fascinate me. There are two halves: William L. Brown Bridge (named after the former mayor of SF) and the New Bridge…which is nameless, but GORGEOUS. You can also see them taking about the old bridge.

Fun fact about the Oakland half of the bridge: The old bridge must be taken apart in the exact order it was built to avoid it collapsing into the Bay. The deconstruction was almost halted because the cormorants, a type of sea bird, are nesting there and the eco-friendly atmosphere of the Bay Area does not want the demolition to harm them.

Oh, and of course, the Golden Gate Bridge! 
ok, now on to Alcatraz!

 A few years ago, a Native American group occupied the island in protest of the stealing of Indian lands. They left some messages.

They’re doing all kinds of amazing conservation projects and seismic stabilization projects!

Oh, and don’t forget the importance of the environmental conversion and preservation!

It was supremely windy…and chilly.


People love sailing in the Bay Area

The main prison!

This is where all the famous prisoners were held (Al Capone among them) – a smaller holding area with cells for solitary.

I love the paint layers…also, those are bullet holes from a prison riot.

There was a library

Visiting area

The officers really had some nice luxuries…until riots broke out.

I loved the views from the prison. I wonder how much pain it brought the prisoners to see the beauty all around them and see the city and hear all the happenings but not be able to be a part of it.

The activity area

omg, did I capture some ghosts on my camera??

The dining area

Some of the prisoners were assigned to work in the kitchens. The officers outlined all the cutlery so they would know if anything went missing! 
Again, I was fascinated by the habitation layers you could see in the prison: evidenced in the floors and paint.

I pretty much gave up on the audio tour at this point and just started doing my own thing.

Gross, what’s this white shit?

Oh, it’s…bird shit. Gross.

These things made the scariest sounds and I could NOT figure out what they were or where they were. It really creeped me out until I found the sign.

Coming home, I thought I’d get a nice shot of Coit Tower.

Well that’s the end of Part I! We did much more that day, but this post is already long enough. Check back next time!

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Denise said...

It's crazy the difference in what we take pictures of....like seeing the place through an entirely different lens....lol