Hello Beloved Readers!

In a few days I will embark on the next leg of my journey in life, one that I hope will carry me further in my academic and professional career.

I promise to be a better blogger, one that will physically include pictures, rather than redirect you my facebook page! There will be many pictures, many travels, and hopefully more interesting discussions, rather than babble. These are my resolutions for the blog! Keep me to it, my dear readers, for I hope I will not become too engrossed in mine own thoughts and actions. I wish to share and engage with you, faithful readers!

That being said, I have picked up my student visa from the Israeli Consulate, I have purchased all necessary plane tickets, I have paid my first tuition installment, I have collected my moneys, I am already engaging with the wonderful new people I will meet, and I am almost finished packing! I am so excited to get back into some physical and academic work in a country I have really come to love and grow very close to. Her people are my people, and I hope to know them better.

To quote a friend of mine:

השנה הזה בירושלים!
THIS year in Jerusalem!

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Kat said...

I'm so glad to see your blogpost again!
I love reading about all the awesome things you do and places you visit!

I know I have said this often, but I really wish i could do all these awesome things, too, someday.
(still stuck in berlin, with not being able to finish my studies because i quit studying in bamberg due to depressions, moved to berlin and the universities rejected my applications - waiting how the second round of applications turn out at the moment -.-)

Anyway, it sounds really really exciting and i'd love to see pictures (and i like how you write about your travels) :)
So I'll definitely be reading!!
Have a great time and be safe <3