Adventures to foreign countries don’t always go as planned, but sometimes it makes for some good stories.

 Our first flight had mechanical failures and delayed us so much that we were going to miss our connecting flight. After quite a good fight put up by Courtney in the airport, we managed to get flights that would get us to Athens as quickly as possible, plus a hotel stay in Newark, plus $30 in food vouchers! Our first half of the new flight itinerary put us on Virgin Atlantic. I have to say, the BEST flights I have ever had have been with different British airway companies. Cordial and quirky in a way that can only be described as entirely “British”.

Luckily for us, it’s RAINING in Athens! But we managed to have some fun at the Acropolis Museum today. Not only did we get to nerd out at the amazing finds, sculptures, cultures, and history of the Acropolis and view the actual archaeological ruins of the acropolis village (we walked over them! On glass!), we also nerded out IN THE SUBWAY. Check out this awesome mock stratigraphy set up in the subway:

Look at the BONES!

Stratigraphic layers

Man, I love stratigraphy...

There was a mock tomb WITH BONES! Probably not real bones, but AWESOME!

We also nerded out thinking about the conservation and restoration done to everything in the museum and how the archaeological ruins were covered with the glass floor of the museum. Yea, we’re trying to start getting out minds wrapped around conservation and restoration, two things neither of us know much about, but now we’re looking for it everywhere! Good place to look for it. Here’s a shot I managed to snap before a guard at the museum yelled at me for taking photos, but we were told we could take photos! :(

Athena: She still has paint in her hair and on her sleeve!

Also, orange trees grow everywhere here. Gorgeous:

Here’s a preview of our trip for tomorrow (also in the rain, yay!):

Temple of Athena, Acropolis


Denise said...

ah athens...though the acropolis museum was closed for renovation when we were there I think...

alli said...

Sad day. I thought it was pretty awesome, but I am also a nerd about these things...