A Turning Point

Well hello, World! Good to see you again! I know it's been months but I've been wallowing in my own self-pity and sorrow. I didn't think any of that was worth sharing, nor did I think anyone would be very keen to hear about it.

Good news at last! I applied to a program in Israel a few weeks ago and have just heard back from them! I've been accepted! Yay! The program is called "Saving the Stones" and is in conjunction with the International Conservation Center - Citta di Roma and the Israeli Antiquities Authority in the city of Old Acre/Akko. There I will learn and apply the theoretical and practical employment of conservation and preservation techniques to architectural features, artifacts, and texts! The program also has an added feature of cultural heritage, where participants will spend a lot of time working with the communities in Old Akko on the preservation of their little city. This part in particular was why I wanted to apply for the program. I am extremely interested in learning more about cultural heritage, ever since I took that course on the history and heritage of Jerusalem and did a little extra project to look into the current projects in the city.

Unfortunately, the program comes with an enormous bill and I am desperately trying to find a way to off-set the costs. There appears to be little funding for recent graduate students who are not enrolled in an academic institution, are not Jewish, or are not going to Israel for the first time. I have already sent off one application but the deadline is not until February 20th and the program begins February 18th. I guess I could always get a loan and pay it back with any scholarships I happen to receive after the start of the program. I'd really rather not get a loan, though. Perhaps someone knows of any options for getting money if I write about my experiences or do extra research to write for a newspaper or magazine or SOMETHING?

I have a few little leads to look into, but not much. I also have a part-time job and am trying to pick up extra hours until I leave. That won't give me too much money, though. Probably only enough for my spending money while I'm there.

Well, I guess I also need to schedule an appointment with the Israeli Consulate to get my student visa! Lots and lots to do!

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