Hair Donation!

I've donated my hair! After some fussing with the stylist, she finally convinced me that the style I wanted would not work for me. Such a shame. So she gave me one she thought would look nice on me. Katy was lovely enough to come with me. I went to Bloom Beauty Lounge, and the atmosphere inside was really nice and the people were lovely! The owner and another stylist bring their cute doggies everyday, too! It wasn't a totally free hair donation cut, but I think the stylists offered good cuts for their customers. Some guy was in before me who donated 12 inches of hair himself! I ended up with 16 inches for donation to Wigs for Kids!

Here's how it all went down!

Nervous/Excited me, prepping for the big cut!

Notice Katy in the mirror, taking my picture.

More angles of my long hair
  Again, notice Katy in the mirror.

Cutting the first half...
 The stylist put my hair into two pigtails.

My silly new cut.
Katy thought my hair looked the best at this stage. Perhaps I should have kept it.

Katy's shoes matched the color of the floor.
 Katy got bored during the haircut. It took quite a while...

Playing with the new look.
It felt weird. It still feels weird.

The finished product!
 You can see the side in the mirror. It's a lot to get used to and now I need to play with it to figure out to to get it to do what I want it to do, but there it is!

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