I realized the other day that I think I might actually get migraines. I was complaining of a excessively lengthy headache and took off my glasses. Sometimes when I have a headache, my glasses feel oppressively heavy, particularly because my headaches tend to focus around my eyes and sinuses - even my eyeballs. As I took them off I remember exclaiming, "I'm even seeing those stupid little spots! I hate when I see the spots too!"

Then it hit me: I get migraines, damn it! I had never put all of that together before.

Well, right now I apparently am having another one. I've spent too much time in front of my computer today (as I sit here and type, heh) but I have a paper due! I think it's also from my repression of the PhD app stress in order to be more productive for my paper.

Also, I think I've added NYU to my list...still thinking about it, but it couldn't hurt to apply.

Now back to this amazing paper!

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