Got Marx?

My theory class is constantly reminding me of how utterly lacking I am in so many things. Maybe I should blog about it each week. What else has Alli discovered she needs to read about?

This week I realized how little I can contribute to class discussions because I have never read any Karl Marx. What is the matter with me? Am I so entrenched in capitalist ways that I fear reading The Communist Manifesto? But it's not just his government theories, it's everything! He was such a brilliant and influential philosopher on all levels of society that his theories are still massively influential in anthropology, and therefore also in archaeology. I must read his works!

And anything on gender or queer theory. I need more of that...

On another note, I've recently decided that I want to know more about steampunk. We read about the Scientific Revolution this week and it made me remember a detective drama show I saw a few weeks ago - it wasn't NCIS...it may have been one of the more elaborate ones, like Psych or something...but it wasn't a comedy. I don't remember! What I do remember is that the murder was connected somehow to this underground movement (which does NOT condone murderous or violent behavior!) There is also an apartment in Chelsea that is decorated on this theme; you can see photos here. I want to understand more about this movement because it's so fanciful. Anyone have some good anime to recommend for steampunk? I know they're out there!!!

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