Are you going to San Fransisco?

You can be sure there will be flowersh in my hair...

I've just purchased my tickets out to San Fransisco and booked the hotel for ASOR. Oh man, too much money spent in one night, but it had to be done! For the sake of my future professional career and the enjoyment of seeing my cousin, whom I haven't seen in too long! Why do I still have a sick feeling from spending so much? Ha, my brother would say, "You're such a cheap sob!" Still, I managed to spend less than $700, which I would say is kind of impressive. Hopefully my fellow grad school board members will accept my application for reimbursement from the graduate school. Seriously though, if I find a flight to SFO for less than $300 before I leave, I think I'll puke.

This is not to say that I cannot afford it - yay for student loans! I just don't like spending money...

How does a grad student live off less than $7k a school year (after housing and tuition)? I have no idea either, but I do it!

Other necessities to cross off my purchasing list:
new phone
new cable for my camera so I can FINALLY put pictures up here again!

Actually, I think that's it! Sweet!


I finally visited with Denise and Melissa this weekend! It was a great time! Even though it was Penn State's homecoming, we managed to successfully avoid rambunctious frat crowds (though the buses were pretty epic). Denise and I gorged ourselves with the infamous Berkey Creamery ice cream and made the best damned chicken parm ever to enter Melissa's mouth. Seriously, she begged us to make it again for breakfast - we said no. We even made some super delicious sweet and spicy baked delicatta and butternut squash!

We bought fresh produce from the local farmers market and hung around the local comic book store and investigated numerous "hippie" shops. We explored the some of the little museums on campus; there's a geology display and fine arts museum. We also attended the LGBTQA (Lesbian Gay Bi Trans Queer and Allies) group's Coming Out Week Drag Show (attended by none other than drag queen Lady GayGay). Denise and I were The last thing we did was walk around the Arboretum and see the Thespian Society's rendering of Animal Farm, which was fantastic! And of course, what weekend with Denise would be complete without TV marathons of Merlin and Doctor Who? I even managed to finish my Hebrew homework!

All-in-all it was a much needed break from school and meeting of the trinity! I miss my two-thirds. ;_____:


Hannes und Katha said...

oohhh.. that sounds really really awesome :) :)

Man I miss you guys so much.
I know I've been saying this last year, too:
But I really hope to see you again next year!!!!

ps. i love your blog :)

Hannes und Katha said...

oh god. erm. sorry for the comment/name thing...
i think i have to kill off that old blog.. erm.. bad googleID .. ;)