Plan B

Man, I need to update more often...

I'm still not too confident about grad school, though I really think there are three I should be able to get into. But if March comes around and I still don't have a place to go to in Fall, I'm joining the Peace Corps. I'm done sitting around and waiting for something to happen, I'm done working at a job that I don't really want to do. Even though I am doing something I'm enjoying, it's not going to keep me happy for very long. So...

Plan B: Peace Corps.

Just about to send out application #5.
UPenn - DONE
Brown - DONE
Bryn Mawr - DONE
Johns Hopkins - DONE
Catholic U - Feb 1
Jewish Seminary - March 1

And then it's waiting time. Though, since the last two are due out so much later, I'm hoping it won't be a long wait.

On another note, my computer decided to breath its final breath. Just when I need it the most, of course. I'm hoping tomorrow to take it to DE Computers and have them just remove all the files from my hard drive and put it on my external hard drive. There's just some files from the past few months that need to be transferred; I've already done most of it. I'm hoping that means it won't take them long, which will hopefully mean it won't cost me too much. I don't want the damn thing fixed...unless it's really cheap and easy to fix. But I see this an a full scale opportunity to purge as much money as I can into my ING savings for a new MacBook Pro!! I'm done with PC's, they always crap out on you. I've never heard of someone's Mac crapping out. Though...I guess if it does, it's going to cost A LOT. But that's why I have a super smart computer literate brother with a Mac of his own, and if he can't do it, he has a friend who's even more computer literate with a Mac. And if THAT doesn't work, my best friend Denise has a super awesome brother-in-law who knows aaaallll about Macs who would hopefully be super nice and take a look at it for me?

Anyways, week's almost over. Momma says she'll go shopping with me tomorrow night so I can spend my $100 in gift cards to Kohls so I can get new shoes and pants! ^-^ Then it's movie night with ma high school buds Saturday night, then off to visit Stuart, and no school on Monday!!!! YAY!!!! I could use another day off. This week has been especially tiring.

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