Best. Day. Ever!!!!!!!!!!

First, half day of school due to snow, no school tomorrow already because of the expected snow, and now THIS:
Dear Ms. Davis,

I am pleased to inform you that you have been admitted to the M.A. program in the Department of Semitics for the Fall Semester 2010. [contact info...enrollment info...]

On behalf of the faculty of the School of Arts & Sciences, I welcome you to graduate studies at The Catholic University of America.

Hanna Marks, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Graduate Studies

I am so happy! Now I know that I will at least be going somewhere in the Fall! Now I just need to wait for 6 more letters!!!! All my applications have been sent and everything is squared away now for just waiting!

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Denise said...

you know what my favorite thing about this post is...your last post starts with "I'm not to confidant about grad school..." hahaha