Well, it's been quite a while. I did not realize that it's been nearly a whole month since my last post! Work is going well. I started today as the lunch room supervisor at the grade school. It went well, though we'll see what happens when kindergarten joins them! It's always a nice relief to have the other kids come in. You don't have to look after them, walk around as much, they're more laid back. Monday is my first full day working there. I'll be the art aid! Yay! I love art!!! heehee. Tomorrow is my first experience working two jobs in one day - we'll see how tired I am by the end of the day.

Does anyone have some good books for me to read? My supply is quickly dwindling, and the one I bought of Amazon two and half weeks ago has until tomorrow to arrive before I send an angry email demanding my $9.98 back! I have other books I'd like to buy. I just finished the one my grammom lent me: Sarah's Key. Boy, if you're looking for a real cry fest, try this one out! I'm going to try out the local libraries. I've avoided them for about 8 years now because they were always horrible. If I needed research for simple 5 page papers in high school (nothing too scholarly, something one should be able to find in any library) it was completely non-existent in these libraries. Maybe their pleasure-reading material will be better. Though the stuff I like to read may not be there. I'm especially hoping to read up various religious theologies, and especially east Asian books on meditation. I miss my Kendo meditations. I need to start them over again. Right now I'm especially looking for a Buddhist author named Thich Nhat Hanh. I have no idea how that is properly pronounced.

I've begun my serious investigation of new graduate schools. My list consists of 11 (it would be 12 but I've already crossed one off). I'd like to have 15 to narrow down to 8 and then apply to those 8. Better save up the money for that! Some places are only $50 for an application, but others can be up to $90! I've really only looked thoroughly into Catholic University, but I'm working on it!

My list is:
  • Catholic University in Washington, DC - Department of Semitic & Egyptian Languages & Cultures (THEY HAVE AKKADIAN AND UGARIT!!!!)
  • Johns Hopkins University - Northwest Semitic Languages & Literatures
  • Bryn Mawr College Graduate Program - Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology
  • University of Pennsylvania - Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations
  • Jewish Theological Seminary in NYC - Bible and Ancient Semitic Languages
  • Arcadia University
  • Georgetown University
  • Yale University
  • Cornell University
  • Boston University
  • Indiana University of PA
That's what I've got so far. Working hard at it. Now all I have to do is look up scholarships and such. I'll be looking into my various honors societies (Phi Kappa Phi, Theta Alpha Kappa, Phi Sigma Iota) and become a member of ASOR and SBL and look more into Fulbright scholarships/fellowships, and then I'll have 6 places where I can get financial aid from besides the university and the government. Maybe I'll read up on Obama's speech and see what he had to say, lol. I haven't heard it yet.

And you know what else? Working isn't so bad afterall. I was afraid of starting to work. If you find something you at least enjoy, it's not all bad. All I could think about was work that I didn't want to do, but what I have now isn't too bad. I'm just not going to settle in because there is NO WAY I'm not getting to grad school next year.

Alright, I'm getting back to work now. tooles.

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