It appears I am working myself into a routine, finally. I just need to find a way to keep myself from spending my money so fast. I don't really get it because the only thing I spend money on in gas and food. Ok, so this past weekend I did spend quite a bit, but it was for Melissa's birthday! And actually, "quite a bit" is relative to how much money was actually in the bank - I spent most of it, but I really only spent maybe $60? For a drive down to Maryland, then riding the metro all weekend, buying dinner, and going to a comic convention, I think that's pretty damned good. Especially with Melissa's help in using her Cost Co card for gas that was only $2.12 a gallon! woot woot! However, I think there will be less weekend spending than that, usually.

Last night I did some mega cleaning. It was weird! haha. My mom asked if I could either dust or vacuum when I got home from work and she would do whichever I didn't. I dusted. When the boys got home, I made them do the windows and empty the dishwasher while I made spaghetties. After dinner...I vacuumed. Everything. Couches, corners, my own room. My room REALLY needed to be vacuumed. haha. There were actually piles of dog hair, blech. The dog never really came into my room before, but now that I'm usually the only one home for points during the day, she insists on keeping me company by sitting next to me while I'm on the computer. Silly doggy.

I'm so excited, I talked to my boss about my work schedule for October, and I now have the routine of working every other Saturday instead of every Saturday. Yay! I don't want to be a loser and work every weekend! My weeks are still gonna suck, but hey, what can ya do. Money's gotta come in.

I need more books to read. I really need to try to get to the library. Anyone have any good books they're willing to lend me? I'm going to make Stuart bring a couple when he comes over on Sunday. haha.

DENISE! um. I guess we should try to get together on Friday sometime. Damn, I work 4-8:30. um. We'll figure it out. Morning would probably be best. :/

EDIT: Actually, I think I may be getting sick of this. I want to get out. Fast. I want to be back in a university setting and I want to keep learning. A message on facebook from a former professor reminded me how much I really really really want to go back. Application researching NOW.

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