Woo! Picture Update!

Alright, I got some pictures from Halloween and my trip to New York to see Chicago! Uh...I forgot my camera in the car for any pictures from the Decemberists concert. Nuts.

So, we were getting the boys ready for their night out for Halloween and we ended up making this terrorist costume! It was sooo funny. hahahaha.

The next night I went to Julia's apartment in Philly for her Halloween party! yay! Kimmie is Wednesday Adams (her boyfriend Scott dressed up at Pugsley. haha), Laura is a hatless witch, Cassie is a black cat, and I am Tina Fey acting as Sarah Palin! hahaha.

Julia was a Bumble Bee!!

"And for all you Joe-Sixpacks out there...Maverick." ;)

Julia and her apartment-mates thought it would be cool and set the mood if they played scary movies on their projector. Turns out the only place they could have it projected was on the ceiling. Worked out awesome though! It was sooo cool!

Then came the GRE in Harrisburg, the Decemberists concert in Philly with Denise and Cassie, and New York City to see Chicago with Denise and Melissa!

Friday started out all nerve racking because of the GRE. Denise came with me because immediately after we were heading right to Philadelphia for the Decemberists concert with Cassie! And Denise's dad works at the Department of Agriculture, so she just chilled with her poppa for the 3 1/2 hours I was taking the test. It went...ok. Each section I think is out of 800. I got 460 on Verbal and 540 on Quantitative. booo. I don't know how my writing samples went yet. They get graded by a panel. Though I do have to say, my in-class writings that I have to do with Pam Gaber in my Archaeology Theory & Methods course TOTALLY prepped me for those writing samples! I think I kicked ass on them. Oh yea. I would have gotten out probably 30 minutes earlier, but it had me write another essay for some study. But it said that every month, they choose a couple people who's essays...did something special and they get like $200. Only reason I wasn't upset about writing it. haha.

So we set off for Philly around 4:30. Traffic wasn't too bad. Got to Cassie's, got on 422, and immediately hit traffic. YAY! Though it wasn't too bad. We followed the directions and then had to start thinking about parking. Luckily, as soon as I said, "ok...parking..." some guy was screaming at cars that parking for the concert was "this way". At every block following was another person shouting at people in their cars as to where to park and yelling at each other to stop sending cars their way. The guy who pointed me to my spot was freaking out at me because I apparently wasn't parking fast enough. I was the last one in the lot! Anyways, that was amusing.

The concert was AWESOME! It was in the Electric Factory, which I had never been to before, and when we got in, there was a HUGE neon sign of Ben Franklin. It all made sense: Philadelphia, Ben Franklin, electricity = Electric Factory in Philly. Yep. haha. And the concert was the single most hippie thing I've ever done. haha, we were swaying and singing songs about politics and peace and no more bombs.

We dropped Cassie back off afterwards and Denise and I headed back up to Lyco to get ready for the New York City trip to see Chicago! Bus left at 7am. We got back at 4am. I showered and had enough time left over to sleep for an hour! woot! We attempted to sleep on the bus, but I failed a bit. Oh wells.

We arrived with two hours before the show, so we decided to go walk around Time Square for a bit. Of course, we had to stop at our favorite place in NYC: The M&M Store!

It changed around a bit since we were there last year. There was a Saturday Night Fever M&M.

Melissa danced with him. haha.

This one freaked Meliss out, though, because there was a giant pigeon (she has a fear of pigeons).

This is her cowering in fear...

Then we saw a sign there for Shrek the Musical! We toootally want to go see it!

Yea! Times Square!!!! I've been there...10 times? And this is my first picture. haha. How sad.
The Naked Cowboy was there!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha.

Woooo! Chicago!!!

It was sooo good. A lot of laughing.

Then Christian and Janna wanted to go down to 5th Ave, and we were like, Hey why not? We haven't been down there because it's just a bunch of expensive shops, but we were like, whatevs, let's just go see it. We realized that to get there, we crossed over Times Square and saw Radio City Music Hall! With it's Christmas Tree! haha, cool!

Christian and Janna...

Yea! Me and Denise! man, it rained so hard earlier in the day. We were so wet...

We continued on our way...over 6th...yep, next is 5th. Nope. Next is...

Rockefeller Plaza?!?! No way!!!!!!!!!! We'd NEVER been there! NBC Studios...the ice skating rink...
Yea! THE ice skating rink! Where they painted all the states for the election! It's actually really small...

So. Many. People.
And that weird naked gold statue...it was really pretty.

So then we got to 5th Ave. and we were sick of being cold and wet. Denise wanted to look for F.A.O. Schwartz Toy Store. She knew it was somewhere on 5th Ave, but we didn't know exactly where. So we set off in one direction...never found it. But we DID find a Barnes & Nobles! So we decided to get coffee and read some books to warm up. We ended up spending the rest of our time there...yep. We're a bunch of nerds. That means you too, Melissa! Don't deny it! We know you were looking at Martial Arts books to figure out the styles used in Tekkon 5!!! haha.

So then we walked back to the meeting place for the bus. We decided to walk on the other side of Rockefeller Plaza and found THIS:

ZOMG IT'S THE LOVE SCULPTURE!!!! It was on sale for like...$12,000 or something...probably more...

And that's the conclusion of my weekend. Now I must go back to workings! *sigh*

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