Well...half my worries are over for the week. I finished reading that book and wrote my paper...late, but I did it! Then I found out that I didn't have to write a paper for my colloquium presentation! It was just the presentation! woot! So that was actually almost easy. Now it's just the GRE tomorrow. *nervous*

But AFTER the GRE is going to be lots of fun! Though very tiring. But that's ok. I go right from Harrisburg with Denise to Philly, with a brief stop to pick up Cassie! Then it's the Decemberists, baby!!!! wooooo! wooooo!!!! And then immediately after that, it's back to Lycoming to get on the bus at 7am to go to NYC! Let's see, I'll be passed out for the ride up, and the ride back is always a passout, too, because you've been walking around New York for hours. Denise, Melissa, and I are bringing (well...Melissa has to make them) sandwiches so we don't have to spend money while we're there (which is great for me and Melissa...who don't have any money...). We were thinking about finding a spot in Central Park to take a nap, but it's too far from the theatre district, and we'd just end up walking down there only to turn around again to make it in time to see the play. So I have no idea what we're gonna do. Maybe find a matress store and just sleep. hahaha.

Then we get back late, go to bed, and get up on Sunday for....omg, I can't remember what I have to do on Sunday. I need to schedule an extra belly dance lesson...and I'm tutoring later in the evening...but I feel like I had to do something at like 2pm. Bill Dever is giving a speach at a local synagogue about Archaeology and the Bible...but I've heard that so many times and it's $5 to get in and I just don't feel like spending $5 to listen to something I've already heard about like 5 times, even if it does support the local synagogue. But I feel like there was something else I had to do! Man, I hope I remember.

Man I can't wait for next week. It's going to be so easy. Except that make-up quiz I have to take on Monday. Oh wells. I'm just waiting for 5pm tomorrow. That's when all the hard stuff is done and insane fun can begin. *sigh* ok, I'm going to read a book.

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