Yay! We're hoooome!!! I'm so happy! We got home around 7:15pm, immediately ate a deliciously yummy dinner of dad's chicken man chicken recipe, perogies, and Caesar salad, the dressing for it had quite a bite. yum! It's so nice to be home.

Pet the dog for a while, found my Fatty. He was pretty excited to see me. I watched a bit of The Last of the Mohicans with the family...mom and dad went to bed pretty early, but Matt and Paul stayed up a bit longer. Then I went to bed before them! haha.

Now I'm just cruisin' around the internet, listening to Paul bang away on his drum pad and watching the dog find every last piece of dog food that missed her bowl when Eric dumped her food in. lol.

Tomorrow morning we're going to Gmom's house! We'll be talking about Hawaii and Maddy's wedding, but I'll get to see the rest of the my family then! yay! Then I'm going to Julia's with Kimmie, Scott, Cassie, and Laura for Julia's Halloween bash! Yay!!!!! That's going to be so much fun!!!!

However, while I'm home, I have to do some work. I have to work on my research for my paper. I have it all, I hope, but now I have to work through all of it. And finish reading a book. Stupid book. Well, anyways, guess that's everything. I'm going to get things rollin' now. The boys took off from school to stay home with us today! Yay! So we're going to enjoy all our time together. :D Yay!!!!

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