Yep, don't feel like doing work just yet. So I'll update about the Homecoming events we had at Lycoming! Student Programs set up a campus-wide game of tag for the week for people who signed up. I didn't but Denise and Melissa did. It was super amusing. They recieved the name of another person who signed up and had to find them on campus. There were some rules: they couldn't tag the person while they're in class, studying, or in their room. Which meant only while they're walking around campus. Melissa was bugging out all day on Monday, and especially that night when the Volleyball Tournament was scheduled between clubs. LEAF almost passed the first round, which is better than we usually do! We lost by ONE POINT! Usually we only get to maybe 10 points, but we got to 19! Woo! haha. We found Denise's person while we were there! woop woop! Go Denise!

Tuesday was the Obstacle Course. Denise had tagged her second victim that day, but she was tagged as soon as we got to the event. Nuts, poor Denise. This made Melissa bug out even more, jumping at everything that moved. The obstacle course involved individual participants running through the course and they were timed. Whoever had the fastest time won. Melissa decided to go for the slowest time. It was really amusing to watch. Then when she was nearing the end, the Student Senate Treasurer stood at the end like he was waiting for her to get out. We thought he was going to repremand her or something for not taking it seriously. Then he climbed into the end of the course and we were all like, "What is Robert doing?!" Then we saw Melissa jump like 10ft in the air and try to climb back up the slide. She failed. Turns out Robert had Melissa as his victim. She was so upset because she never even got to tag her first victim and was tagged out on the second day.

We didn't do anything for the Wednesday event, and we missed the event on Thursday, but last night (Friday) there were fireworks! We went down to get the little finger foods and saw some really good fireworks on the quad. Afterwards we went back to Denise and Melissa's room where a bunch of us sat around watching You Don't Mess with the Zohan (funny movie, especially for anyone who's ever been to Israel! So true!) and waited for Mackara to come! yay Mackara! She was our RA freshman year, and she really made the year so amazing for all of us. We were by far the best freshman floor, oh yea! haha. She finally arrived at 11pm and we immediately headed to Denny's for some late night fun. There were 11 of us, I felt really bad for the waitress. Especially because another large group came in right after us. They put us all in the back room. haha.

Well, that was my week, and I guess it's time I start on my homework. Or at least get some research out of the way for my colloquium paper. That's due in a little less than 4 weeks...oops. The presentation has to be 15 to 30 minutes long? Which I'm assuming is a 10-15 page paper? Which is perfect because then I can use it as a writing sample for my applications! Yay!

I also realized that my presentation is Nov 6th, my GRE is Nov 7th, and then the night of the 7th I'm going to see The Decemberists with Cassie in Philly. My GRE is in Harrisburg! AAAARG! Hey, I wonder if it's free to change the location of the GRE...it's $25 to change the date. It's probably not free. Nuts. Oh well, time for work!

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