The Last One's In!

I submitted my final PhD application today to Johns Hopkins University! Now on to secure a back-up plan in the Peace Corps or some similar establishment. I have a week before classes start researching.

I had a great weekend with Julia, Ryan, Alex, and Laura. We hung out in the apartment, ate lunch at Tom's Diner, made delicious Mediterranean pilaf for dinner, walked around Chinatown, hit up Ferrara's Italian Bakery, and visited the 9/11 Memorial. We enjoyed ourselves!

Break with the family was nice, too, though I would have liked it to be longer, or at least without the extra amounts of work. I don't really feel like I had much time to relax and I'm just getting right back into work this week before classes start. I'm trying to spend some time romping around the city with friends while also working ahead on things.

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