The decision is final...

After a short visit to the Jewish Theological Seminary, my decision was made: I'm going to JTS! I was leaning heavily towards them before visiting just because they gave me so much financial aid, but I wanted to make sure they'd be a good fit. I knew the instant I walked through those doors.

The area of Manhattan is just perfect: produce markets, coffee shops, falafel places, and green green green. The Manhattan School of Music and Columbia University are withing walking distance, and so is Central Park. Not to mention, I was told, it is the safest area of NYC. The campus is intimate and cozy with a tiny enrollment size (there are only 55 undergrads graduating this weekend!). I felt so comfortable and was warmly welcomed by everyone I met, and they were all so willing to go out of their way to help me get to where I needed to be or what I needed to know. AND there is housing a-plenty for me to live on-campus! The lady I met in financial aid even told me to make sure I put in for "entertainment expenses" when I anticipate how much of a loan to get! haha. Everyone had something wonderful to say about the area and the great things that are provided for students and anyone working at the school. I was told that I'd know every student by the end of my first semester.

I think I've made the right decision. :) Now to do the paperwork and formally notify them of my decision!

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Denise said...

yay!!! get a comfy couch bc when i come back i am crashing on your couch for like a week in order to catch up and see what New York looks like to someone who lives there...I can't believe you are going to live in NYC....way to live out Melissa and I's dreams lol